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Set Up Heroku Pipelines and Heroku Flow

Create pipeline.

  1. Navigate to your Heroku Dashboard,
  2. Click the development DreamHouse app listed in the Heroku apps, that is, dhdev-UNIQUE_ID.
  3. Select the option More and Add to Pipeline.
  4. In the Add this app to a pipeline section, click Choose a pipeline and select Create new pipeline.
  5. For pipeline-name, type the name dreamhouse-pipeline. Keep the default stage as staging.
  6. Click Create pipeline.

Connect your GitHub repo.

  1. Click the Connect to GitHub button.
  2. Scroll down to the Pipeline connected to GitHub section and type intro-to-heroku in the input box. Click Search.
  3. Once your repo is listed, click Connect. Your pipeline has been created and connected to your intro-to-heroku repo.
  4. Scroll back to the top of the page and click the Pipeline tab.
  5. Click Add app… in the production environment.
  6. In the search box, type dhprod. Select the app you created from your Heroku button, dhprod-UNIQUE_ID. Press Return.


Configure automatic deploys in the pipeline.

  1. Under STAGING click the arrows.
  2. Click Configure automatic deploys...
  3. A window appears asking which branch to automatically deploy. Select master and then click Enable Automatic Deploys. You can now receive pull requests from GitHub once they’re approved.
  4. Click X to close the window.