Enable Chatter on the Review Object

Chatter is a powerful tool. It enables information sharing, collaboration, visibility, general and record-specific conversations, feed tracking for specific records or individuals, and the option to create public or private groups.

By enabling feed tracking on objects, recruiters can track changes to records for key fields. They can see updates for records they follow in their Chatter feed, go to a specific record, and @mention other Chatter users to get their attention. It’s an ideal way for the HR team to communicate about candidates.

Enable Chatter Feed Tracking

Enable Chatter feed tracking on the Review object.

  1. From Setup, enter Feed Tracking in the Quick Find box, then select Feed Tracking.
  2. In the list of available objects, click Review.
  3. Select Enable Feed Tracking.
  4. Select these fields:
    • Core Competencies
    • Experience
    • Interviewer
    • Job Application
    • Leadership Skills
    • Reason Recommended
    • Recommend for Hire
  5. Click Save.

You’ve created tabs, quick actions, record types, and record pages. You’ve customized page layouts and enabled feed tracking on Chatter. With all this hard work, you’ve made Ling Wu and her recruiting team happy. You’ve also made their Recruiting app much more efficient. Now they have a more user-friendly app and much easier access to the information they need to do their jobs well. It’s all in a good day’s work for an awesome Admin.

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