Create a Custom Timeline View

Events on the patient timeline can include a square icon less than 1MB in size. Let’s add this calendar icon Calendar icon.

Upload an Icon for Timeline Events

  1. Download the icon.
  2. From the App Launcher, select Health Cloud – Lightning Admin.
  3. Click View profile.
  4. Under Options, select Switch to Salesforce Classic.
  5. In the App Menu, select Health Cloud – Admin (Health Cloud – Admin).
  6. Click the Documents tab.
  7. For Folder, select Health Cloud Assets.
  8. Click New Document.
  9. Define a new document:
    1. Document Name: timeline-icon-calendar
    2. Document Unique Name: timeline_icon_calendar
    3. Externally Available Image: selected
    4. Folder: Health Cloud Assets
    5. Description: Timeline icon for physical therapy sessions
    6. Keywords: timeline, therapy, session
  10. Select the file:
    1. Click Choose File.
    2. Select timeline-icon-calendar.png file.
    3. Click Open.
  11. Save the document, and return to Lightning Experience.

Add a Timeline View Configuration

Leif would like to identify therapy sessions by type on the timeline. He also wants an easy way to find out how long each session is.

Let’s configure a custom timeline view. Let’s display the therapy type as the event label and specify the session duration as hover text.

  1. In the App Launcher search, enter Timeline and then select Timeline View Configurations.
  2. Click New.
  3. Define a timeline view configuration:
    Note: Always use field names, not field labels.
    1. Timeline View Configuration Name: Physical Therapy Sessions
    2. Object Category: Therapy
    3. Friendly Name: Therapy Sessions
    4. Object Name: Physical_Therapy_Session__c
    5. Detail Field: Therapy_Type__c
    6. Hover Field Name: Duration__c
    7. Position Field: Session_Date__c
    8. Graphical Icon: timeline_icon_calendar (good thing we already uploaded that!)
    9. Sort Order: 3
    10. Active: selected
    11. Patient Account Lookup: Account__c (autofilled)
    12. Filter Criterion: Blank (keep as is)
    13. Language: English (United States)
    14. Show on Load: selected
  4. For Configuration Target, move both Health Cloud Console App and Timeline For Health Cloud Empower to the Chosen list.
  5. Save the timeline view configuration.
    New timeline view configuration for physical therapy sessions corresponding to the preceding steps.

The timeline’s Select All Events list has a new section: Therapy.

On the timeline, the Select All Events list now includes Therapy Sessions.

Now, when Leif visits a patient’s timeline view, he sees details of the therapy sessions that the patient attended.


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