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Create a Simple Custom Report

Create a Summary Report

Create a new opportunity report.

  1. Click Setup iconand select Setup to launch Setup in a new tab.
  2. Enter Users in Quick Find and select Users.
  3. Click Edit next to your name and change Role to CEO.
  4. Click Save.
  5. Click App Launcher icon to open the App Launcher, and select Sales.
  6. Click the Reports tab.
  7. Click New Report.
  8. In the Choose Report Type list, click Opportunities, then select Opportunities from the list that appears.
  9. Click Continue.
    Choose Report Type

Next, you'll use the Lightning Report Builder—a visual editor for reports. The report builder screen lets you work with report fields and filters, and shows you a preview of your report with just some of the data.

Report breakdown

  • The Fields pane (1) displays fields from the selected report type, organized by folder. Find the fields you want using the Quick Find box and field type filters, then drag them into the Outline pane or double click them to add them to your report.
  • The Outline pane (2) makes adding, removing and arranging columns a breeze with a simple drag and drop feature. You can also add Bucket Columns and Summary Formula Columns in the Outline pane.
  • The Filters pane (3) allows you to set the view, time frame, and custom filters to limit the data shown in a report.
  • The Preview (4) offers a dynamic preview that makes it easy for you to customize your report. Add, reorder, and remove columns, summary fields, formulas, groupings, and blocks. The preview shows only a limited number of records. Run the report to see all your results.

Set the scope of the report using the standard filters.

  1. Click Close Date and set the date field Range to All Time and click Apply .
  2. Click the Filters pane, set the Opportunity Status to Open and click Apply.

Change the report columns as required.

  1. Click the Outline pane and click the X next to the following column headers to remove them:
    • Owner Role
    • Fiscal Period
    • Age
    • Created Date
    • Next Step
    • Lead Source
    • Type
  2. In the Preview pane, click Down arrow icon  next to the Opportunity Owner column heading and then select Group Rows by This Field.

Add a summary field.

  1. Click Down arrow icon  next to the Amount column heading.
  2. Select Summarize.
  3. Click Sum.

Save the report as Opportunities by Rep in the Global Sales Reports folder.

  1. Click Save & Run, and then complete the Save Report details:
    • Report Name: Opportunities by Rep
    • Click in the Report Unique Name text box to auto-populate the unique name. Don't worry, the unique name of this report isn't checked.
    • Report Description: What opportunities do reps have in the pipeline?
  2. Click Select Folder, choose Global Sales Reports, and click Select Folder.
  3. Click Save.

Opportunities by Rep Report