Update Contact Record with Individual Field

The next step (we know, we know... we’re almost done with the flow creation) is to update the Individual field on the user’s contact record, associating it to the record that stores the customer’s communication preferences. 

  1. Drag an Update Records element onto the canvas.
  2. For Label, enter Update Contact with Individual. The API Name field is automatically populated based on this entry, and is Update_Contact_with_Individual.
  3. Select Specify conditions to identify records, and set fields individually.
  4. Update Records of This Object Type: Contact
  5. All Conditions Are Met (AND)
    1. Field: ContactId
    2. Operator: Equals
    3. Value: {!UserInfo.ContactId}
  6. Under Set Field Values for the Contact Records, define the following.
    1. Field: IndividualId
    2. Value: {!individualId}
  7. Click Done.
  8. Click the node at the bottom of Create Individual, connect it to Update Contact with Individual and save.
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