Gather User Information with a Get Records Element

Now, get the user’s information so the flow can then assign the privacy settings to the user. If the customer is only signing up for the portal, the flow will use the information they enter. Let’s collect their first and last name, as well as their email address.

  1. Click the Elements tab in the left panel.
  2. Click and drag a Get Records element onto the canvas.
  3. For the label, enter Get User Info. The API Name field is automatically populated based on this entry, and should be Get_User_Info.
  4. For Get Records of this Object, select User.
  5. For Condition Requirements, select All Conditions Are Met (AND).
  6. Add these fields and values.
    1. Field: Id (User ID)
    2. Operator: Equals
    3. Value: {!LoginFlow_UserId}
    4. How Many Records to Store: Only the first record
    5. How to Store Record Data: Choose fields and assign variables (advanced)
    6. Where to Store Field Values: Together in a record variable
  7. For Select Variable to Store User, add a record variable.
    1. Record: {!UserInfo}
  8. Select User Fields to Store in Variable
    1. Add the following fields, and click Add Field after each entry:
      1. FirstName
      2. LastName
      3. AccountId
      4. ContactId
  9. Click Done.
  10. Drag a connector from the Start element to the Get Record element, and save the flow.
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