Add Thank You Text

Now for the last step in the flow! In this step, we simply thank the customer for joining the account portal.

  1. Drag a Screen element onto the canvas .
  2. For Label, enter Welcome to Ursa Major. The API Name field is automatically populated based on this entry to Welcome_to_Ursa_Major.
  3. Thank customers for joining the portal.
    1. Click Display Text in the Screen Components pane.
    2. Click [Display Text] in the preview pane.
    3. Enter the following values in the fields in the properties pane.
Field Value

API Name


Text box

Thank you for updating your privacy settings and welcome to the Ursa Major customer account portal!

  1. Click Done.
  2. Click the node at the bottom of Update Contact with Individual, connect it to Welcome to Ursa Major and save.

At this point, let’s activate the flow and take it for a spin to make sure it works. From the button bar in Flow Builder, click Activate.

Huzzah! By activating the flow, you’re making it available for use in your org. 

Congrats on creating your very own self-registration flow! Use it as an example to create your own, and continue on to Self-Registration in a Portal to see it in action. 

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