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Set Up a Customer Account Portal

Let’s Set Up a Basic Customer Account Portal

Armed with her requirements, Maria is now ready to jump into the fray and set up Ursa Major’s customer account portal.

  1. From Setup, enter All Communities in the Quick Find box, select All Communities.
  2. Click New Community. The Community Creation wizard opens with several templates for you to choose from.
  3. Select Customer Account Portal template.
  4. Click Get Started.
  5. Name the community Ursa Major Customer Account Portal.
  6. Add accountportal to the end of the URL so that the final URL is https://[domain name]
  7. Click Create.

You wait a couple of minutes and then your portal is created. You’ll be in your portal’s Workspaces interface, which is your one-stop shop for building, setting up, and monitoring your community. Each tile in Workspaces allows you to manage different aspects of your portal, from branding to monitoring your portal.

Add the Customer Community Profile to Your Portal’s Membership

Now that you’ve created a basic portal, you’re ready to add some members.
  1. From Workspaces, click Administration | Members.
  2. To add members using profiles: select the Customer Community User profile. (If you don’t see the profile, change the search to All.)
  3. Click Add.
  4. Click Save.
Now, every time you add anyone to that particular profile, you’re also adding them to the portal’s membership.


The best practice here would be to clone the Customer Community User profile for each community. Doing so gives you more granular control over community or portal access if you have more than one community in your org. We’ve bypassed that step for simplicity.