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Launch Your Trailhead Playground and Enable Communities

Learning Objectives

In this project, you’ll:
  • Understand the business value of a customer account portal.
  • Use the Customer Account Portal template to set up a bare-bones portal.
  • Set up a self-registration flow to sign up new users.

Create Your Trailhead Playground

For this project, create a new Trailhead Playground. Scroll to the bottom of this page, click the down arrow next to Launch, and select Create a Trailhead Playground.

It typically takes 3–4 minutes from the time you first sign up for Trailhead to create your Trailhead Playground.


Yes, we really mean a brand new Trailhead playground! If you use an existing org or playground, you can run into problems completing the challenges.

Ursa Major Needs a Customer Account Portal

Ursa Major Solar, Inc., is a Southwest-based supplier of solar components and systems. It’s gone from being a local player to a regional one, and it recently opened a second sales and distribution center in a neighboring state. Competitively priced solar components are its bread and butter, but turnkey solar solutions are the fastest growing (and most profitable) part of its business.

As it’s expanding, the service team is quickly realizing that they need to set up a customer account portal for all Ursa Major customers.

The company wants a customer account portal so customers can quickly search knowledge articles, create cases, and update personal information such as addresses and phone numbers. The company also wants an easy registration flow so customers can sign up for the portal in a few easy steps. And most importantly, Ursa wants to respect its customers’ privacy by capturing their privacy preferences during registration.

Enable Communities

Let’s enable communities in your org so you can successfully complete the rest of the project.

  1. From Setup, enter Communities in the Quick Find box, then select Communities Settings.
  2. Select Enable communities.
  3. Enter a unique name for your Lightning Platform domain.


    Keep in mind that you can’t change your Lightning Platform domain name after you enable your community. If you set up more than one community, you can append the community name to the URL to differentiate between them.

  4. Click Check Availability to make sure that the domain is available.
  5. Click Save, then OK. If you see a dialog asking to open a Salesforce page in a new tab, click Open.
Next, assign your own user (in your Trailhead Playground), a role.
  1. Click your Chatter image (or Astro, if you haven’t gotten around to changing it).
  2. Click your name at top of the dialog.
  3. Click User Detail.
  4. Click Edit.
  5. Assign yourself any Role you’d like (go for CEO...why not?).
  6. Click Save.

Now you’re ready to dive into the project!