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Add Prebuilt Dialogs and Customize the Options Menu

Add Prebuilt Dialogs to the Main Menu

For the rest of this project, we use the Einstein Bot Builder to set up dialogs, variables, and entities. These are the elements that manage the interaction between your customers and the bot.

Now, let’s update our main menu by adding End Chat and Transfer to Agent.

  1. Click Main Menu. This is the Main Menu dialog. It consists of the menu options we specified in setup: Order Related and Appointment Related.
  2. Ensure Show a menu is selected. Order Related and Appointment Related highlighted in the Main Meu page.
  3. Click in the Select menu items search field.
  4. Select Transfer to Agent.
  5. Click in the field again and select End Chat.
  6. Click Save, which is at the top right of the page.

Configure the Chat Button to Preview the Bot

Before we continue, we need to point our chat button to the bot we created. If we don’t complete this step, we cannot preview the bot.

  1. Click Overview from the dropdown menu. Overview highlighted in the Bot Builder dropdown.
  2. In the Channels section, click Add.
  3. In the Add Channel window, select Chat from the Select an Option dropdown menu.
  4. Enter Ursa Major in the Deployment search box and select Ursa Major Solar Chat Agents.
  5. Leave Require Agent Online unchecked. The Add Channel dialog with Chat selected as a channel.
  6. Click Save.

We have now mapped our bot to our chat button. Let’s preview our bot.

Let’s Test!

You need to activate the bot before you can preview it.

  1. From the Overview dropdown, navigate to the Dialogs page.
  2. Click Activate.
  3. Click Preview.
  4. Next to Ursa Major Solar Chat Agents, click Submit.
  5. You should see your Embedded Service Chat appear. If you see the Agent Offline status, try again and wait. This could take a minute. Click Chat with an Expert to preview the bot.


Alternatively, you can preview the bot from the Chat widget on your community. From Setup, enter All Communities in the Quick Find box, and select Builder next to your Ursa Major Solar community. Then, click Preview in Experience Builder.

  1. Enter your first and last name, email address, and subject into the Chat form. If all fields aren’t populated, an error occurs that says, There is a connection issue.
  2. Click Start Chatting.

You should be greeted by the bot, which looks like this.

Jana bot showing greeting and options.

You should see the welcome message and the main menu we set up.

Customize the Options Menu

Notice that the three dots Three dots or ellipsis icon in the lower left is the bot options menu. By default, the Transfer to Agent button is the only option. Let’s add the Main Menu so that customers can easily return to their main menu options at any time during the chat.

Jana bot with ellipsis icon highlighted with Transfer to Agent showing as hover text.
  1. Click Deactivate. Before editing the bot, you must deactivate it.
  2. Click Yes to agree to deactivate it. When you do this your customers see a message that agents are not available.
  3. Click the dropdown arrow next to the Main Menu dialog and select Edit.
  4. Check Show in Bot Options Menu. This is the setting that gives customers a quick way to leave a dialog during the chat.
  5. Click Save.

Let’s Test!

  1. Activate the bot.
  2. Next to Ursa Major Solar Chat Agents, click Submit.
  3. Click Chat with an Expert.
  4. Fill in every field in the pre-chat form and Start Chatting.

Click The three lines icon. and you should now see the Transfer to Agent and Main Menu option.

Jana bot with the three lines icon highlighted and Transfer to Agent and Main Menu appearing as hover text.

Try it. Click The three lines icon. and then click Main Menu. Did you see that the bot displays the main menu again? If not, click the 1 new message link. This is useful for customers in a very long chat who want a quick way to get back to the main menu.

Jana bot with Main Menu text appearing in the chat.

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