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Create an Approval Process


You’ve added key users, created custom fields, and made the necessary email templates, so your org is prepared. Now you can start creating a new approval process for your sales team. And that starts by using the setup wizard to set some criteria and specify the approvers who are responsible for responding to approval requests.

Here’s how to start the approval process setup.

  1. From Setup, enter Approval Processes in the Quick Find box, then select Approval Processes.
  2. From the Manage Approval Process For picklist, select Opportunity.
  3. From the Create New Approval Process picklist, select Use Standard Setup Wizard and fill in these new approval process details:
    Field Value
    Process Name Discount Approval Process
    Unique Name [this field auto-populates]
    Description Automates opportunity discount approvals
  4. Click Next.
  5. In the Use this approval process if the following picklist, select criteria are met, then fill in the criteria:
    Field Operator Value
    Opportunity: Discount Percentage greater than 0
  6. Click Next, then complete the approver field and record editability properties with these values:
    Field Value
    Next Automated Approver Determined By Manager
    Use Approver Field of Opportunity Owner Select
    Record Editability Properties Administrators ONLY can edit records during the approval process
  7. Click Next.
  8. In Step 4, leave the Approval Assignment Email Template field blank.
  9. Click Next, then determine the fields that will be displayed on the approval request page:
    Field Value
    Selected Field Opportunity Name
    Opportunity Owner
    Discount Percentage
    Display approval history information in addition to the fields selected above Select
    Security Settings Allow approvers to access the approval page only from within the application (Recommended)

    NOTE: Approval processes can be configured so that approvers can access the approval page from a wireless-enabled mobile device. If this option is chosen, you will not be able to create any approval steps that later allow users to manually choose who the approver should be.

  10. Click Next, then specify the initial submitter by completing the submitter details in Step 6:
    Field Value
    Submitter Type Owner
    Allowed Submitters Opportunity Owner
    Allow submitters to recall approval requests Deselect
  11. Click Save.
  12. On the What Would You Like To Do Now? page, select I'll do this later, take me to the approval detail page to review what I've just created.
  13. Click Go!

Great work! Let’s move on to the next step, where you specify initial submission actions in the approval process.