Time Estimate

Create a Department Object

The next step in creating your organization’s travel approval app is to create the data model. The first object to create is the Department object. This object stores information about your departments such as name and cost center code.

  1. From Setup, click Object ManagerNavigation to the Object Manager from Setup.
  2. Click Create, then select Custom Object.
    Navigation to create a Custom Object from within the Object Manager.
  3. Enter these details:
    Plural Label
    Object Name
    Department (this field auto-populates)
    Record Name
    Department Name
    Data Type
  4. Now scroll down and select these options:
  • Allow Reports (1)
  • Allow Search (2)
  • Launch New Custom Tab Wizard after saving this custom object (3) 


Be sure to check this box as it drives the next screens that will show. If you miss this option, you can create a custom tab by going to Setup, searching for and selecting Tabs, then creating a new tab later after your object has been created.

Screen showing option selected for the Department custom object: (1) Allow Reports, (2) Allow Search, (3) Launch New Custom Tab Wizard after saving this custom object.5. Click Save.
6. Now, define your tab settings. Click the Lookup iconnext to the Tab Style field and select Books.
Screen showing tab customization options with Books chosen for the Tab Style.

7. Click Next. Leave the next screen as is and click Next.
8. Next, choose which applications to associate with this tab.

  • Click the Include Tab (1) option at the top of the column to deselect all apps.
  • Select only the Travel App (2) app from the list.
  • Click Save (3).

Tab setup options showing (1) Include Tab deselected, (2) Travel App selected via checkbox, and (3) Save button.

9. On the next screen, click Fields & Relationships, then click New.
10. Select Text as the data type, then click Next.
11. Enter these details.

  • For Field Label, enter Department Code
  • For Length, enter 10
  • Select Required 
  • Select Unique, then select case sensitive

12. Click Next.
13. Leave the Establish field-level security screen as is, and click Next.
14. Leave the Add to page layouts screen as is, and click Save.

Now that you’ve created the Department Object, you’re ready to move on to the next step, creating the Travel Approval object. The Travel Approval object stores basic information about where employees are traveling and trip duration.