Install the Salesforce Lambda Package

Install the Amazon Connect Salesforce Lambda application from the Amazon Serverless Application Repository. Here’s where you use your AWS secret and app information.

Integrate the Serverless App with Your Playground

Head to the AWS console.

  1. If you’re not there yet, log in to the AWS console at using the email and password you used to set up your AWS account.
  2. Enter serverless in Find Services and select Serverless Application Repository.
  3. Select Available applications and check Show apps that create custom IAM roles or resource policies.
  4. Enter AmazonConnectSalesforceLambda in the application search bar.
  5. Click AmazonConnectSalesforceLambda.
  6. Scroll down the page to the Application Settings section and fill in your information. Once you've followed the steps below, make sure to double check your settings.
    1. Application name: leave as default
    2. AmazonConnectInstanceId: your Amazon Connect instance ID, this is the string after the last / in your Amazon Connect instance ARN.
    3. HistoricalReportingImportEnabled: false
    4. RealtimeReportingImportEnabled: false
    5. SalesforceCredentialsKMSKeyARN: your KMS key ARN.
    6. SalesforceCredentialsSecretsManagerARN: your secrets ARN.
    7. SalesforceHost: your My Domain URL. It should look like this:
    8. SalesforceUsername: your Trailhead Playground username.
    9. SalesforceVersion: your Trailhead Playground’s API version. It should look like this, v50.0
    10. ContactLensImportEnabled: false
    11. PostcallCTRImportEnabled: false
    12. PostcallRecordingImportEnabled: false
    13. PostcallTranscribeEnabled: false
  7. Leave the rest as default.
  8. Check the I acknowledge that this app creates custom IAM roles box
  9. Then, click Deploy to begin deployment process.

The deployment process may take several minutes. In the meantime, you’re taken to the Lambda application page.

In the Overview tab, you can scroll down and see the list of resources that are being created. In the Deployments tab, you find the status of the Lambda application deployment. When it’s finished, the status turns to Create complete.

serverlessrepo-AmazonConnectSalesforceLambda application page, Deployments tab, with the deployment of the Lambda application status set to Create complete

It’s time to test the Lambda application.

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