Configure Amazon Connect to Access the AWS Lambda App

To implement your data dip, you need to configure your Amazon Connect instance to have access to the required Lambda function. This is only a few clicks, but is critical to ensure your CTI uses the Lambda function.

Configure Amazon Connect to Make the Required Lambda Call

  1. If you’re not there yet, log in to the AWS Console and navigate to Amazon Connect.
  2. Click the name of the Amazon Connect instance you created.
  3. Click Contact flows in the list on the left.
  4. Scroll down to AWS Lambda and select the Lambda function that was created as part of the serverless application package installation in a previous step. The Lambda function name contains sfInvoke, like this serverlessrepo-AmazonConnectSalesforce-sfInvokeAPI-AbC1DEfGhijk.
  5. Then click Add Lambda Function. You should now see the Lambda function in the list of available functions for your Amazon Connect instance.

Nice work! You’ve just made the Salesforce Lambda function available to contact flows in your Amazon Connect instance. You have one more configuration and test to make.

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