Create an Einstein Platform Account

Adding metadata in Salesforce for rescued cats is hard work. And sometimes the manual classifications are wrong. By using the image recognition capabilities of Einstein Vision, we can make the classification process easy. Let’s dive in. 



When you sign up for an Einstein Platform Services account, the platform stores your email address from your Salesforce org. If you completed the Quick Start: Einstein Vision project, or you already have an Einstein account, you have two options.

  • Use the certificate you got when you signed up previously for your account. Skip the next section and go to the Store the Authentication Certificate in Salesforce section.
  • Change the email address you use for your Trailhead Playground and Trailhead Account orgs to a different address for this exercise.

Sign Up for an Einstein Platform Services Account

  1. Navigate to the sign-up page at
  2. Click Sign Up Using Salesforce.
    Einstein Platform Services Sign Up
  3. If you see a Salesforce login page, enter your Trailhead Playground username and password and click Log In. (If you don’t know your TP username and password, this article shows you how to find them.) If you’re already logged in to your hands-on org, you won’t see this page and you can skip to the next step.
    Einstein Salesforce Log In
  4. Click Allow.
    Screenshot of page asking for Einstein Platform access to your basic information and platform requests on your behalf
  5. Click Download Key to save the key locally.

    Caution: The Download Key button is only supported in the most recent version of these browsers: Google Chrome™, Mozilla® Firefox®, and Apple® Safari®. If you're using a different browser, you can copy and paste your key into a text file and save it as einstein_platform.pem.
    Screenshot of private key download page

Store the Authentication Certificate in Salesforce

  1. From the App Launcher (App Launcher), find and open Files.
  2. Click Upload Files.
  3. Navigate to the directory where you saved the einstein_platform.pem file, select the file, and click Open.
  4. You see the key file in the list of files owned by you.
    Einstein Platform File


If you plan to use the Einstein Platform Services APIs in an AppExchange package, adhere to the appropriate secret storage guidelines. See the Storing Sensitive Information section in this article.

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