Build a Process for Creating Interview Records

Learning Objectives

In this project, you’ll:

  • Build processes in an HR recruiting app that streamline workflow for creating interview records and approving new positions.
  • Create a flow for the app to simplify the process of rating candidates and make the rating process consistent.


As AW Computing grows, you continue to look for new talent. You’ve already taken care of a number of requests from Ling Wu, the vice president of Human Resources, to improve her team’s recruiting app. Now she’d like you to add automation to the mix.

Ling would like to automate the creation of interviewer records for hiring managers. She’d like to establish an approval process for new positions. And she wants a more user-friendly process for candidate scoring.



Before you can do this project, you must complete the Build a Data Model for a Recruiting App, Customize the User Interface for a Recruiting App, Improve Data Quality for a Recruiting App, and Keep Data Secure in a Recruiting App projects. The work you do here builds on the work you complete in those projects.

Set Up a Process with Process Builder

The first thing to tackle is automated interviewer records. To set this up, you use the Lightning Process Builder, which automates tasks using conditions and actions. With Process Builder, you define evaluation criteria, determining which objects the rule you create applies to. You establish the criteria that records must meet to trigger the rule. Then you set up time triggers that determine when the process action fires.

Once your criteria are in place, immediate or time-dependent actions are set in motion. These actions can include creating a record, updating a record, sending an email, posting to Chatter, initiating a quick action, submitting for approval, launching a flow, or calling an Apex class. 

Start by creating a process with an immediate action.

  1. From Setup, enter Process Builder in the Quick Find box and select Process Builder.
  2. Click New and define the process properties.
    • Name: Create Interviewer Record
    • The process starts when: A record changes
  3. Click Save.
  4. Click + Add Object.
  5. Select Position from the Object picklist.
  6. Under Start the process, select only when a record is created.
  7. Click Save.
  8. Click + Add Criteria.
  9. For Criteria Name enter Hiring Manager Not Blank.
  10. Select Conditions are met under Criteria for Executing Actions, then set the conditions.
    • Field: Position: Hiring_Manager__c
    • Operator: Does Not Equal
    • Type: Global Constant
    • Value: $GlobalConstant.Null Process Builder step Define Criteria for this Action Group showing selected criteria.
  11. Click Save.
  12. Under Immediate Actions, click + Add Action and fill in the details.
    • Action Type: Create a Record
    • Action Name: Create Interviewer Record
    • Record Type: Interviewer
  13. Under Set Field Values, relate the Employee field to the Hiring Manager.
    • Field: Employee
    • Type: Field Reference
    • Value: Hiring_Manager__c
  14. Relate the interviewer record to the position record by clicking + Add Row and filling in the details.
    • Field: Position
    • Type: Field Reference
    • Value: Record ID Process Builder Create a Record step showing selected field values.
  15. Click Save, Activate, then Confirm.

Test the Process

Now that the process is activated, you can test the process you just created. But first, add a hiring manager user.

  1. From Setup, enter Users in the Quick Find box and select Users.
  2. Click New User and fill in the details.
    First Name
    Last Name
    enter your own email
    kcooper@[your initials + your favorite color].com (e.g.,
    Customer Support Manager
    Customer Support, North America
    User License
    Salesforce Platform

    Standard Platform User
  3. Deselect Generate new password and notify user immediately.
  4. Click Save.

Now test the process you created.

  1. Click App Launcher to open the App Launcher, then click Recruiting.
  2. Click Positions, then New.
  3. Select the record type Nontechnical Position, then click Next and fill in the details.

    Super Support Supervisor
    Hiring Manager
    Kathy Cooper
    Job Description
    Manage a team that fields inquiries and cases from customers
    Pay Grade
  4. Click Save.
  5. Click the Related tab.
  6. From the Interviewers related list, click an Interviewer number and note the values in the Employee and Position fields.


In the project Build a Data Model for a Recruiting App, the package you installed included an Apex trigger that inserts an interviewer record when a position is created. In a true production org, you would deactivate that trigger before testing this process. 

Now that you’ve set up an automated process for creating interviewer records, move on to the next step, where you do some necessary prep work before you can set up an approval process for creating positions.

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