Add the Chart to Your Dashboard

Build a Cool Dashboard

Dashboards give you a chance to add a little more style to visualizations and use a presentation mode when your big moment comes and it’s time to present your data.

  1. Click Clip to Designer icon to clip the lens. In the display label dialog, click Clip to Designer. The clipped lens appears as a query on the right side of the Dashboard Designer canvas.
  2. Drag your new query onto the canvas.
  3. Enlarge it so that you can see all your flags—drag a corner handle until you’re happy with the results. analytics dashboard designer widget being expanded
  4. With the query in the canvas selected, in the Widget tab, click Widget Style. Then, click the arrow next to Background Color and select black. analytics dashboard designer background color setting
  5. In the General panel, select Dark as the Theme. analytics dashboard designer theme selection menu
  6. Click save iconand enter following values:
    1. Title: worldwide_sales
    2. App: My Private App
  7. Click Save.

To view the dashboard, click preview dashboard icon.

You've Done It!

You’ve got a dashboard you can be proud to show off when it’s time to make your report! When you’re ready to present your dashboard, just open the dashboard from the list of dashboards and click Dashboard present icon. You'll see the dashboard in a full-screen presentation mode.

analytics dashboard in presentation mode

Chart icons can be any images you’d like to use, as long as those images live in Salesforce. To learn how to add Chatter icons to Analytics charts, see Add Icons to Analytics Charts in Salesforce help documentation.

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