Track Your Giving History and Impact

Learning Objectives

After completing this unit, you’ll be able to:

  • View real-time impact metrics.
  • View your donation history and access tax receipts.
  • View your volunteer history and time logged.

Lincoln Ulrich, an Account Executive at Ursa Major Solar, Inc., recently made several donations to and volunteered his time at the local No More Homelessness nonprofit organization. In addition, he worked with a philanthropy champion in his company to set up a Philanthropy Cloud campaign to drive volunteer engagement and donations from his colleagues over the past month. Now Lincoln wants to view and understand the impact that he and his company have made. 

View Impact at a Glance

Philanthropy Cloud provides instant visibility into Lincoln’s personal impact and his company’s impact in both dollars donated and time volunteered through the Impact Dashboard displayed on the Home page. When Lincoln makes a donation or logs volunteer time, the numbers change immediately, giving him a snapshot of his real-time impact. 

The Impact Dashboard on the Home page

View Your Donation History and Access Tax Receipts

Philanthropy Cloud provides visibility into your donations, resulting in your being better informed about the causes you support. Lincoln can view his giving history, donate to causes again, and manage his recurring donations in his profile.

To view his donation history, Lincoln follows these steps:

  1. Navigate to Profile. Then select Giving

  2. Navigate to My Giving to view a list of your donations. The information displayed for each donation includes the donation date, status, payment method, and donation amount.  

  3. Select a donation to view its full details.

  4. To download a tax receipt for a credit card donation, select Receipt. For example, Lincoln can download a tax receipt for the donation he made to No More Homelessness.

  5. To donate to a cause or organization again, select Donate Again.

  6. To cancel a recurring donation, select Cancel Recurrence.

The Giving section of the Profile page

Philanthropy Cloud streamlines the process of giving for employees, making corporate philanthropy faster, and more fun, engaging, and rewarding. 

View Your Volunteering History and Time Logged

Lincoln can also view information about his volunteer history. This includes his upcoming and past volunteer opportunities, as well as his logged time. He can view and edit his logged time, and volunteer again with the same organizations when they have volunteer opportunities available.

The Upcoming Opportunities section of his profile includes the dates, times, and types of opportunities he’s signed up for but hasn’t yet completed. Lincoln can select an opportunity to revisit its details. He can also cancel his sign up or add the opportunity to his calendar.

To view his volunteering history, Lincoln follows these steps: 

  1. Navigate to Profile. Then select Volunteering.

  2. Navigate to My Opportunities.

  3. Select a volunteer opportunity to view its full details.

  4. To edit a logged time entry, select Edit.

  5. To delete a logged time entry, select Delete.

  6. To volunteer for another opportunity with an organization you’ve previously volunteered with, select Volunteer Again.

  7. To log time for a volunteer opportunity, select Log Time.

The Volunteering section of the Profile page

Organizations need funding, and they also need volunteers. Volunteers greatly expand the capacity of nonprofit organizations with their enthusiasm, their assistance with events, and their important skills, such as software development, law expertise, and accounting. Philanthropy Cloud makes it easier to find and engage with organizations and their volunteer opportunities, to understand your impact, and to help nonprofits do more good.

Thanks to Philanthropy Cloud, Lincoln has been able to get involved, giving both time and money to causes that deepen his connection to his company, his fellow employees, and his local community. At the same time, Ursa Major Solar has been able to effectively focus, measure, and talk about its corporate philanthropy in ways that have helped it recruit and retain employees, and drive brand loyalty with its customers, shareholders, and stakeholders. Perhaps most importantly, Philanthropy Cloud helps create positive social change. 


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