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Learning Objectives

After completing this unit, you’ll be able to:

  • Describe how to empower safe and seamless in-person experiences as the world returns to work.
  • Explain how to proactively reach customers faster and more effectively via SMS.
  • Describe how companies can publish their safety protocols in an eye-catching way.

Queue Management

Businesses today need a trusted tool that’s flexible enough to support the changes coming in the near future. Introducing Queue Management, empowering safe and seamless in-person experiences as the world returns to work. Queue Management is a Salesforce-native tool that helps businesses scale on-site capacity in order to meet urgent needs and ensure compliance with local regulations.

A wait list signup page on mobile

Learn more about Queue Management.

Broadcast Messaging

The world seems to be changing by the minute, and these changes impact how companies engage and do business with their customers. Broadcast Messaging enables companies to proactively reach customers faster and more effectively on their preferred channel, SMS. Whether it’s an update on hours of operation, a reminder to wear masks, or a notification about your place in line, Broadcast Messaging lets you easily select a recipient list, choose from prebuilt messaging templates, and send messaging in bulk, in just a few clicks.

Creating a new SMS message from

Learn more about Broadcast Messaging.

Digital Trust Cards

Digital Trust Cards allow companies to publish all of their safety protocols—such as social distancing policies, cleaning guidelines, amenity scheduling, and more—in an eye-catching way. Easily embed the cards into any digital property, like your checkout pages, with a simple line of code to remove barriers to purchase while deflecting questions that may otherwise have gone to your support team.

Digital Trust card embedded on a web page

Learn more about Digital Trust Cards.

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