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Learning Objectives

After completing this unit, you’ll be able to:

  • Describe how to build the training dataset within Einstein Discovery.
  • Explain how to write your Salesforce object directly or write any output from a recipe.
  • Discuss how to automate some of the manual steps required to update your Einstein Discovery predictive models.

Einstein Discovery: Fast Start Templates

Not sure where to begin when using Einstein Discovery? Now when you’re creating a story, you can simply choose one of the new Einstein Discovery fast start templates. Einstein Discovery builds the training dataset using all the best practices, and builds the iteration of an Einstein Discovery story.

Learn more about Einstein Discovery: Fast Start Templates.

Einstein Analytics Connectors for Snowflake

Unlock your Salesforce data with the new Snowflake connectors. Write your Salesforce objects directly with SyncOut for Snowflake, or write any output from a recipe with the Output Connector for Snowflake.

Learn more about connectors for Snowflake.

Einstein Discovery: Scheduled Model Refresh

Automate some of the manual steps required to update your Einstein Discovery Predictive models with Scheduled Model Refresh. Set the frequency of your Einstein Discovery deployed model retraining, and get a refreshed story in the form of a new story version as well as a newly deployed model version.

Learn more about Scheduled Model Refresh.

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