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Learning Objectives

After completing this unit, you’ll be able to:

  • Explain how Einstein Case Routing helps you resolve customer issues faster.
  • Describe how to speed up implementation and efficiency with work rule enhancements.
  • Explain how agents can quickly deliver the right answers to customers across any channel with Lightning Knowledge.

Einstein Case Routing

Help customers resolve issues faster by automatically triaging cases with Einstein for Service Cloud. Einstein uses machine learning from past cases to predict case fields. When the prediction meets the confidence threshold, Einstein automatically applies existing routing rules and gets the case in the hands of the right expert.

Learn more about Einstein Case Routing.

Work Rule Enhancements

Speed up implementation and efficiency. Assign lists of values to one resource, allowing your field operations to get up and running faster, and more accurately.

Learn more about work rule enhancements.

Lightning Knowledge Enhancements

Quickly deliver the right answers to customers over any channel. With the latest enhancements to Lightning Knowledge you can empower your agents to preview and share knowledge articles directly in real-time conversations with one click.

Learn more about Lightning Knowledge enhancements.