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Learning Objectives

After completing this unit, you’ll be able to:

  • Explain how to simplify moderating comments and replies on Instagram.
  • Discuss how to create triggered alerts to stay informed about relevant topics.
  • Describe how to empower non-marketers with approved content and journeys.

Social Studio: Inbound/Outbound Filter for Instagram

Moderate comments and replies on Instagram for your business account directly from Social Studio. New filtering also allows you to choose to see only those posts that your community is posting to your brand page, versus seeing all posts you have published.

Learn more about Social Studio: Inbound/Outbound Filter for Instagram.

Social Studio: Real-Time Reports

Stay informed about relevant topics and brand conversations. Create triggered alerts based on keywords and phrases, so when they occur, a PDF report is automatically delivered. Use advanced filters to zero in on specific conversations. Share reports with other Social Studio users or non-users simply by adding an email address.

Learn more about Social Studio: Real-Time Reports

Distributed Marketing: Multi-Business Unit Support

Give marketers the ability to share approved content and journeys from multiple Marketing Cloud business units to a single Salesforce org.

Learn more about Distributed Marketing: Multi-Business Unit Support.

Journey Builder: Journey Testing

Quickly and confidently test individual journeys with specific contacts and see how they flow through each journey.