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Learning Objectives

After completing this unit, you’ll be able to:

  • Explain how to deliver consistent customer experiences with Action Plans.
  • Describe how the Commercial Banking App gives you greater insight into your customer relationships.
  • Describe how to use Salesforce Surveys for Financial Cloud to collect feedback and share insights.

Action Plans

Enable financial services professionals to deliver consistent customer experiences across all engagements. Now, your team can be more productive by automatically creating templates of repeatable tasks. Enforce completion of required tasks for compliance, and dynamically assign owners and deadlines to drive collaboration and timely task completion.

Learn more about Action Plans.

Commercial Banking App

Gain deeper transparency into your customer relationships with the Commercial Banking App, now available in the App Launcher. Unlock a holistic view of the customer across lines of business, empower relationship managers and lending assistants to identify and grow the most profitable relationships, and streamline commercial customer onboarding.

Learn more about the Commercial Banking App.

Salesforce Surveys for Financial Services Cloud

Deepen your custom relationships with easy-to-use forms for Financial Services Cloud users. Use your five free builder licenses to collect customer feedback with new survey question types so that you can view data, create reports and dashboards, and share insights with your company.

Einstein Bots for Financial Services Cloud

Drive customer satisfaction using intelligent self-service bots that help customers place travel notifications and report lost credit cards. Accelerate case resolution and achieve efficiencies with reduced web and contact center inquiries.

Utilization Management

Deliver more personalized and appropriate care in the most cost-effective setting with Utilization Management for health insurers and providers. Care requests—including prior authorizations, admissions, and appeals—are streamlined through guided, collaborative, and measurable workflows directly within Health Cloud. Achieve optimal patient outcomes and contain medical costs with new payer capabilities for Health Cloud.

Learn more about Utilization Management.

Health Insurance Data Model

Payers and providers can work faster and smarter, and they can better understand their members’ and patients’ needs with a new insurance-specific data model for Health Cloud. The data model simplifies the integration of systems of record—including benefits, claims, and authorizations—into a single health console, driving productivity for service agents and clinical professionals. 

Learn more about health insurance data model.