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Learning Objectives

After completing this unit, you’ll be able to:

  • Describe how to manage conversations more seamlessly with Threaded Discussions.
  • Explain how to drive engagement in your community with Recognition Badges.
  • Discuss how partners can easily personalize their community with partner co-branding.

Threaded Discussions

With Threaded Discussions, customers can now reply directly to a message or comment, making it easier to follow and manage conversations occurring in the community.

Learn more about Threaded Discussions.

Lightning Flow for Guest Users

In Spring ’18, we launched Lightning Flow, allowing our customers to connect process automation to every portal and forum. When users authenticate, they are able to take action such as file a case or register for the community. With the latest enhancements, you can also add flows to unauthenticated sites. This means visitors can file unauthenticated cases, declare General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) settings, and troubleshoot, all without needing to log in.

Learn more about Lightning Flow for guest users.

Recognition Badges

Drive engagement to your member’s community profile page with Recognition Badges. These interactions help community members maintain a strong connection with the people in their network and build their own brand.

Learn more about Recognition Badges.

Partner Co-Branding

Provide your partners with co-branded marketing assets that are personalized and pre-populated based on their CRM user profile. Partners can edit profile fields, like switching out logos or addresses, and Salesforce updates all marketing materials. Once they have ensured their fields are accurate, they can select from robust campaigns that are branded with critical partner information.

Learn more about partner co-branding.

Audience Targeting Enhancements

Target customers more effectively by providing them with personalized experiences populated with the components they care about. With the latest enhancements to Audience targeting, you can build more specific lists with the “and/or” function. You can even define criteria with contains, does not contain, is not equal to, and more.

Learn more about Audience targeting enhancements.

Help Center Template

Extend the power of Service Cloud Knowledge and give customers the tools they need to help themselves with an out-of-the-box Help Center template. 

Learn more about the Help Center template.