Meet Your On-Call Data Scientist

Learning Objectives

After completing this unit, you’ll be able to:
  • Describe what Einstein Discovery is.
  • Explain the kinds of questions Einstein Discovery can help you answer.
  • Know what kinds of data you can work with.

What Is Einstein Discovery?

Einstein Discovery augments your data analysis with the power of machine learning, artificial intelligence (AI), and statistical analysis. Einstein Discovery quickly analyzes your data and detects patterns and themes. It shows you the most important insights using visualizations and explanations that are easy for business users to understand. It’s like having your own personal data scientist! Einstein Discovery can quickly sift through huge amounts of data to find the important correlations, predict outcomes, and suggest ways in which to improve those outcomes.

Sure, maybe you already have a team of business intelligence (BI) experts on staff who provide some kinds of analyses and recommendations. Perhaps you are lucky enough to have dedicated data scientists who are masters at extracting valuable insights from any data they work with. But what happens when the amount of data you’re analyzing is large? And the time you have is short? And the experts you need are already over-committed on other projects?

Business intelligence team
Einstein Discovery provides answers to key questions about a given business outcome (such as a KPI):
  • What happened in the data? What was statistically significant or unusual in the data?
  • Why did it happen? What factors possibly influenced the outcome?
  • How do some factors compare with other factors? How do they interact?
  • What could happen in the future? Does the statistical analysis reveal a trend? Or does this data reveal an uncommon incident?
  • What are some possible actions that could improve the predicted outcome?

But even more, Einstein Discovery guides you in asking the next questions, the ones you didn’t know that you had. Most complex incidents have causes that weave through layers of interrelated variables, so go below the surface. Drill down. Einstein Discovery shows you where to drill.

But Einstein Discovery isn’t a replacement for your team. Einstein Discovery can surface correlations and possible influencers, help point your investigations in the right direction, and suggest possible answers. Still, you and your team know your business best. Einstein Discovery is an additional team member that augments your analytical capabilities! For an introduction, see Einstein Discovery: Quick Look.

Now that you know what Einstein Discovery does, let’s look at an example. We use Einstein Discovery to understand what’s driving profitability by figuring out ways in which we can improve margin.

Let’s Figure Out Why Those Margins Are Shrinking

Imagine that you are the VP of operations for a major automotive supplier. You're responsible for the on-the-ground performance of your company’s business. Opening the Salesforce app while heading into work on a Thursday morning, you’re greeted by a rapidly growing Chatter thread. The company’s CFO started it to find out why, all of a sudden, company margins are headed south. Then the CEO chimes in: “We must solve this issue immediately!”

You know what that means: Working overtime with your team to sift through thousands and thousands of transactions across different regions and verticals. And after you discover the causes and brainstorm solutions, you must put together an executive summary.

So you pull your team together and focus them on the task at hand. By evening, you’re staring at a huge table of data, but you have no idea what caused margins to slip. Never mind how to fix the problem.

You’ve got the data, but now you see some roadblocks between you and an answer. You email the team with the following list of roadblocks, hoping that the team can brainstorm a breakthrough:
  1. There’s too much data. It’s hard to investigate every one of the relevant relationships in such a large dataset.
  2. Separating the significant problems from the minor ones takes time. Each potential problem we spot can lead down a rabbit hole.
  3. Even if a lead seems significant, it’s not always clear what action to take because the underlying (secondary) causes aren’t always apparent.

Einstein Discovery Saves the Day (and the Weekend)

Then you see an email from someone on your team about a new Salesforce product, one that can possibly save the day. It’s called Einstein Discovery and, as the email says, it’s like adding a data scientist to your efforts.

Your teammate is excited because Einstein Discovery is already available in your company’s Salesforce org. It's being used on a weekly basis to monitor changes in cost-to-serve. How can your team get started? Easy! Open up Tableau CRM Analytics Studio. Grab the Tableau CRM dataset that contains the relevant data. Decide which KPI or other business outcome you want to investigate (in your case, the margin).

With just a few clicks, you create a story that tells Einstein Discovery what to analyze. After Einstein Discovery completes a comprehensive statistical analysis of your dataset using machine learning and AI, you get a collection of insights that pertain to the outcome you selected. The story, says your colleague, is filled with insights. The charts and explanations make it much easier to understand what’s going on in your business. They reveal underlying relationships and variables that can influence the outcome.

Story screen with insights into story goal: How can I Maximize Margin?

Even better, you can fine tune the story to focus on exactly what’s important to you. You can use your team’s knowledge of the business to prioritize and choose which insights to act on.

After some research and thought, you decide to use Einstein Discovery to find out why your margins are shrinking so fast. Maybe your weekend plans are safe after all!

Now It’s Your Turn

You can’t control business conditions. But armed with Einstein Discovery and your deep knowledge of the business, solutions to your problems are minutes away. Using Einstein Discovery is like having a personal data scientist doing the heavy lifting to speed up your work.

Wait, can all this really be true? Yes, as you’re going to prove next!


Rights of ALBERT EINSTEIN are used with permission of The Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Represented exclusively by Greenlight.

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