Discover the Benefits of Trailhead Military

Learning Objectives

After completing this unit, you’ll be able to:

  • Identify career opportunities through Trailhead Military.
  • Explain Trailhead Military benefits.

Trailhead Military Resources

Trailhead Military members get exclusive access to additional resource within the Trailhead Military site. Navigate to the Resources tab to access:

  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)—Read knowledge articles to find answers to your questions about using Trailhead Military, such as trouble with logging in or how to sign up for classes.
  • Virtual Events—Discover virtual and in-person events, such as networking opportunities, exclusive for Trailhead Military members.
  • Career Prep—Access information to help you build soft skills, prepare for interviews, create your resume, and more.
  • Contact Trailhead Military—Have a question or need assistance? Submit a ticket with the Trailhead Military team to get help.

The Resources interface in Trailhead Military including FAQs, Resources, and other useful links.

Explore Salesforce Careers

To learn more about the career opportunities that await those with Salesforce training, click Explore Salesforce Careers from Trailhead Military Resources. This career page includes statistics about job openings by region, average salaries for Salesforce careers, and personal stories from other Trailblazers like yourself.

Here are a few of the in-demand career opportunities for Trailhead Military members.

Career Opportunity
Key Skills
Average Salary (US only)
Salesforce Administrator
Business process, data management, system administration
Salesforce Developer
Salesforce, Apex, Visualforce, Java, SQL/SOQL
Salesforce Technical Architect
Salesforce, system architecture, object-oriented development, API integration
Salesforce Business Analyst
Salesforce, data analysis, financial modeling, business acumen
Salesforce Marketing Manager
Marketing, social media, Salesforce, digital marketing, email marketing
Salesforce Sales Manager
Sales, presentation skills, Salesforce CRM, account management
Salesforce Consultant
Salesforce, sales, customer service

Are you a military spouse who moves a lot because of your spouse’s active duty? No problem. Because Salesforce is a cloud-based platform, job opportunities for administrators are often flexible positions that don’t require you to be in a traditional office setting.

A Growing Community

With nearly 500 new members joining Trailhead Military each month, we’re excited to see this program scale and the opportunity for members scale with it. Those who complete the program become our Trailhead Military ambassadors who spread the word about the training and share how their Salesforce skills impacted their career. They support the Trailhead Military learning community by offering technical Salesforce guidance or personal career advice.

Meet Jesse Grothaus 

Jesse Grothaus is a proud member of Trailhead Military who started working as a Salesforce-certified business analyst and founded his own company, Cloud Pathfinder.

Alt text: Photo of Jesse Grothaus.

“I came across Trailhead Military and Trailhead while I was recovering from a car accident and a traumatic brain injury. It takes a long time to work on and since it’s an invisible injury, it’s very hard to gauge your healing progress. As part of my recovery process, my doctor wanted me to learn new skills and a new language, both at my own pace. Trailhead was perfect for staying mentally active, learning new skills, and measuring how productive I could be. Once I was capable of putting in full work weeks into Trailhead, I knew I was ready to return to the workforce.”

Learn more about Jesse’s story in this video:

Meet Lauren Zolp

Lauren Zolp, Salesforce Consultant at HigherEchelon, Inc., went from doing her first Trailhead module to becoming fully certified and employed as a Salesforce Admin in 8 weeks, all while her newborn slept.

Photo of Lauren Zolp.

“I didn’t know how to tell people about the skills I learned in the military or how to translate them into a corporate role,” Lauren says. She was unemployed for 3 years. “I was really down and out, but I finally saw something for Trailhead Military.” She didn’t quite know what Salesforce was (she thought it was some sort of online sales job), but since the program offered training for free she figured she didn’t have anything to lose. 

“Four weeks after I did my first Trail, I landed a job as the sole Salesforce Administrator tasked with implementation for a startup, which was just mind-blowing to me,” Lauren says. Four more weeks later she took her administrator certification and passed, so it only took her 8 weeks to go from her first trail to getting certified. “I always want to tell everyone that you don’t have to be a superhuman to learn Salesforce. You can do it, you just need to grab it and run with it because the Trailhead platform makes it easy.”

Check out more of Lauren’s story:

Employers Hire from Trailhead Military

Employers are discovering the benefits of Trailhead Military, too. Many understand the unique skills that veterans bring to the workforce. In 2019 the Salesforce Military Alliance was launched to create a larger movement to hire more veterans and military spouses in Salesforce ecosystem jobs.

We offer companies a couple ways to hire through the Salesforce Military team. First, companies can join the Alliance and commit to offering guaranteed interviews to certified Military Trailblazers or to provide reskilling opportunities to their veteran and military spouse employees. Second, companies can support Military Trailblazers new to the ecosystem through the 12-week Hiring Our Heroes and Salesforce Fellowship Program. Learn more here through our blog.

Alt text: Three people meeting at a Trailhead Military recruitment event.

Here’s a great example of the value Trailhead Military members are bringing to their new employers.

“We learned about [Trailhead Military] after interviewing one of their members who had certified through the program and trained through the Merivis Foundation. We were very intrigued by his military background as a Marine, as well as his [Trailhead Military] journey. After extending an offer and joining our team, he quickly demonstrated his amazing work ethic and a willingness to take on any challenge he encountered.

Shortly after our first [Trailhead Military] hire, we came across another [Trailhead Military] and Merivis Foundation alumni. While this [Trailhead Military] member had less hands-on-consulting experience, we were confident that the training he received through [Trailhead Military] and Merivis would make him a successful team member. His can-do attitude helped him flourish in his role; in fact, he’s done such great work that our customer extended him three times on his first project!

We continue to look to [Trailhead Military] as a pipeline for talent for our growing company. Supporting our veterans and hearing their successes in transition to civilian life has been one of the greatest rewards of my career.” —Dennis Picht, VP, Global Service Cloud Practice, PolSource

Face-to-Face Opportunities

In addition to the training and resources available to our Trailhead Military community, we sponsor two in-person cohorts to attend Dreamforce and TrailheaDX every year. These cohorts get exclusive opportunities to learn about the platform, connect with partners and customers in the ecosystem, and help evangelize the Trailhead Military  program. To join a cohort, watch for announcements in the Trailhead Military community.

Outside of these events, we also have smaller groups that attend regional events such as the World Tours and Connections. Attend these in-person events to deepen your connection to the community, while accessing an enriched, exclusive experience to network and learn about the Salesforce Ohana.

Many Trailhead Military members taking a photo at Dreamforce

Now that you understand how to get started with Trailhead Military and the career opportunities that await, go to to sign up and get started! You can also learn more about the value of hiring veterans in the Military Veteran Recruitment Strategy module, and get valuable tips for implementing inclusive workplace policies in the Military-Friendly Workplaces module.


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