Add Learning as Users Work

Learning Objectives

After completing this unit, you’ll be able to:

  • Describe when to use the different types of in-app help.
  • Create a learning item for Learning Paths.

Bring Learning Inside the Flow of Work

As you’re building out or revisiting your library of training materials, you’re probably starting to think about how you’re going to ensure that users can find the right resources at the right time—and actually use them.

Bringing training and learning resources into the app ensures help is always right at your users’ fingertips. Salesforce offers a bunch of ways to bring custom help and guidance inside the app. Many companies combine multiple solutions for their training program. For example, they assign custom walkthroughs created with In-App Guidance by using Learning Paths.

Wireframe designs representing bringing learning inside the flow of work including in-app guidance, Help Menu, Learning Paths, and Slack apps.

Feature Key Benefits Use Cases
Learning Paths
  • Manage, assign, and track all your longform in-depth learning resources.
  • Display public Trailhead and myTrailhead modules or URLs to resources in specific locations to specific users with a contextual learning panel.
  • Apply a due date and track completion metrics.
  • Centralize all learning resources on the Learning homepage.
  • Earn Trailhead and myTrailhead badges inside the app.    
  • Provide many resources for your users inside the app.
  • Require users to complete training by a certain date.
  • Assign training for specific pages or users.    
In-App Guidance
  • Provide targeted, micro-learning moments to boost feature adoption.
  • Choose from targeted, floating, and docked prompts or walkthroughs.
  • Design the guidance, select the target audience, and specify where it appears and for how long.
  • Add links to internal wikis, training, or PDFs for a custom call to action.
  • Use built-in engagement tracking.
  • Nudge, prompt, or remind users of important announcements or features right inside of their workspace.
Trailhead App for Slack
  • Skill up teams from anywhere with public and myTrailhead content.
  • Share trailhead content from within Slack with your colleagues, customers, and partners.
  • View Trailhead and myTrailhead activity in Slack, including saved content.
  • Receive gentle nudges in Slack to complete in-progress badges.
  • Share Trailhead content with your team directly from Slack, where your team is already engaged and having conversations.
Help Menu
  • Provide a space for users to access critical resources anytime, anywhere in the org.
  • Add a custom section to the Help Menu with links to your FAQs, Trailmixes, Salesforce Help documents, and more.
  • Centralize learning resources in the Help Menu, which users can access by clicking the question mark in the global header.
  • Provide a few, key resources with your users where they can access it from anywhere.

You can find more information about In-App Guidance, the Help Menu, and the Slack app in the Resources section. Let’s go into more detail about Learning Paths to see how easily it brings learning into the flow of work.

Meet Learning Paths

Salesforce Learning Paths brings the power of learning directly into the app, enabling companies to skill up teams as they work in Salesforce. Companies of any size and industry can provide their employees with just-in-time, personalized learning in the flow of work. With Learning Paths, employees of all experience levels can enhance their skills and increase their productivity.

Watch this short video to see Learning Paths in action.

Remember what you learned in the unit about training plans? Every employee has different learning goals, which is why it is important to be able to personalize their learning experiences. Provide teams with the skills they need to do their best work by adding Trailhead and myTrailhead modules or a URL to resources such as a wiki or video. Then assign the content to specific users, teams, or the entire organization on the pages they’ll interact with it the most. For admins looking to save time maintaining training for their users but still keep it organized and current, Learning Paths offer a lightweight but customizable solution.

For users, they see contextual, relevant help in their flow of work, reducing the need for context switching. But, it’s not about just reading content. Trailhead modules you assign via Learning Paths are viewable inside the app in the learning panel, which is accessible from the global header. Users learn relevant skills and earn badges right inside of the app when they need it. 

Learning panel populated with resources.

Learning Home

Learning Home lets users keep track of their assigned learning and progress from one place. But, Learning Home isn’t only for end users. It’s also the place for admins to manage learning assignments. Let’s start at Learning Home and see how easy it is to create assignments.

Learning Home with suggested learning resources.

Try it Out

Want to Get Hands-on with Learning Paths?

In this module, we show you the steps to create learning items in Learning Paths. We don’t have any hands-on challenges in this module, but if you want to follow along and try out the steps, here’s how to launch your Trailhead Playground. First, make sure you are logged in to Trailhead. Then click your user avatar in the upper-right corner of this page and select Hands-on Orgs from the dropdown. Click Launch next to the org you want to open. Or, if you want to create a new playground, click Create Playground.

The Learning Paths icon is found between the global actions and Help Menu icons in the global header.

  1. To open the panel, click the icon for Learning Paths in the global header. A learning panel opens.
  2. At the bottom of the panel, click Go to Learning Home.
  3. On Learning Home, go to the Manage Learning Assignments tab, then click New.

For each scenario, fill out the form with these details. Save the new learning items. 

Form Details
Assign a Trailhead module to all users in the org.
  • Trailhead Module: Trailhead: Quick Look
  • Location App: All
  • Location Objects and Records: All
  • Assignments: Assign to all users
Assign a Trailhead module to all users for the Sales app with a due date.
  • Trailhead Module: Sales Cloud Basics
  • Location App: Sales
  • Location Objects and Records: All
  • Assignments: Assign to all users
  • Due Date: Due in 30 days
Assign a URL to all users for the homepage for all apps.
  • URL:
  • Title: Let’s Take Lightning Experience for a Spin
  • Description: Take a tour of your new workspace in this short video.
  • Location App: All
  • Location Objects and Records: Home
  • Assignments: Assign to all users

Once you get the hang of it, you’ll see how easy it is to implement your training plan. Here are some tips when selecting your own learning items for users.

  • Choose shorter resources for learning items to keep the learning bite-size and optimize your user's attention span. The time to complete should be under a half hour.
  • Only assign two contextual learning items per page to avoid overwhelming the user when opening the panel for help.
  • Use due dates to give users an idea of when to complete the learning.

If you want to learn more about Learning Paths, check out the Resources section. 


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