Troubleshoot and Publish myTrailhead Content

Learning Objectives

After completing this unit, you’ll be able to:

  • Describe where you can check release health in Trailmaker Release.
  • Explain the difference between an error and a warning in Trailmaker Release.
  • Describe how to publish content with Trailmaker Release.

The Issues Page in Trailmaker Release

Throughout the release process, as different contributors submit modules, badge art, graphics, and localized content, Marisol keeps an eye on release health. She’s always on the lookout for issues that can delay or prevent publication. 

Issues surface in Trailmaker Release as warnings or errors. When a release contains warnings or errors, Marisol sees an alert on the release page.

Release page in Trailmaker Release, showing an alert for errors and warnings

She clicks View Errors and Warnings on the alert, and that takes her to the release’s issues page, which lists the warnings and errors. She can click the down arrow for any module or trail on the issues page to see a description of the problems.

Issues page in Trailmaker Release, showing the errors and warnings in a release

What’s the Difference Between a Warning and an Error?

Warnings indicate problems that, ideally, Marisol and Cindy fix before Marisol publishes the release. However, if they don’t fix these issues, Marisol can still publish the content. Errors are problems that block Marisol from publishing a release.

Some examples of warnings are:

  • A module contains an image that myTrailhead can’t access, because the image is behind a firewall.
  • A unit contains HTML coding that Trailmaker Content doesn’t support, which makes the content formatting look odd on myTrailhead.
  • An image is missing alt text, so digital screen readers can’t describe the image to visually impaired users.

Some examples of errors are:

  • A module or trail is on the release list, but the content hasn’t been uploaded to the release.
  • An API name on the release list is already in use for a different piece of content.

Trailmaker Content catches a lot of problems before they even make it to the issues page in Trailmaker Release. That helps Cindy and Marisol avoid some errors and warnings altogether. For example, when Cindy goes to upload content to a release, a window alerts her if a module needs badge art, a unit needs a quiz, or any other necessities are missing. 

Window in Trailmaker Content indicating items to add to a module before uploading the module to a release

Cindy can fix those issues before she uploads the content to the release.

Correcting Errors and Warnings

Most of the time, when Marisol does see errors or warnings in Trailmaker Release, Cindy is the one who can fix them. Cindy makes the changes in Trailmaker Content, then uploads the module or trail to the release once again. Marisol can confirm whether the errors and warnings have disappeared from the issues page in Trailmaker Release. And Cindy can check the content in preview mode, to make sure that everything is correct.

Publishing Content

A banner on the release page in Trailmaker Release alerts Marisol when a release is OK to publish. 

Release page in Trailmaker Release, showing that the release has no errors or warnings and is ready to publish

When Cindy confirms that the content is ready to go, Marisol has just one thing left to do. On the release page in Trailmaker Release, she clicks Publish.

Release page in Trailmaker Release, showing the Publish button

Marisol sees a screen confirming the number of items in the release and the number of warnings, if there are any. To publish the release, she clicks Let’s do this!

Publishing confirmation screen in Trailmaker Release

That’s it! With the click of a button, Marisol publishes all the content in the release. Another screen confirms that the release she just published is now the current release on myTrailhead.

Screen in Trailmaker Release confirming that the published release is now the current release on myTrailhead

Marisol and Cindy have done it again: They’ve refined Pure Aloe’s myTrailhead offerings with new content and ensured that the existing content is still accurate and relevant. They can high-five each other and celebrate another job well done. And their colleagues can dig in and start earning more badges and learning new skills.