Preview Content on myTrailhead

Learning Objectives

After completing this unit, you’ll be able to:

  • Describe the differences between preview mode and production on myTrailhead.
  • Describe the different ways that users can access preview mode.
  • Describe what you can and can’t do in preview mode.
  • Create a deep link that takes users directly to a module or trail in preview mode.

What’s Preview Mode?

In preview mode on myTrailhead, users can see everything that’s currently live on myTrailhead, plus whatever they’re adding or changing in the release that they’re previewing. Preview mode lets users see how changes in the upcoming release look next to content that isn’t changing. 

A banner on the page alerts users when they are in preview mode, and an eye icon flags content that’s new or updated in that release. When users hover over the eye icon on a module or trail tile, they see the date and time when this content was last updated. 

myTrailhead home page in preview mode, showing alert banner, modules with eye icons, and module without eye icon

Users can be in preview mode for only one release at a time, and they can preview only unpublished releases. After a release is published, users can no longer preview its content.

In the last unit, Cindy, the myTrailhead writer at Pure Aloe, and Marisol, the release manager, worked together to add a new module to the Sell Well at Pure Aloe trail. Originally, the trail had two modules. Cindy added a third, Pure Aloe Sales Goals. 

Cindy uploaded the new module and the revised trail to a release. When she looked at myTrailhead in production, the Sell Well trail had only two modules. 

Sell Well at Pure Aloe trail in production, showing two modules

When she looked at myTrailhead in preview mode for the release, the Sell Well trail had three: the original two modules and the new one.

Sell Well at Pure Aloe trail in preview mode, showing three modules and the preview mode banner and eye icons

Accessing Preview Mode

Users can access preview mode in a number of ways.

Get the Link When You Upload Content to a Release

When Cindy uploads a trail or module to a release from Trailmaker Content, the app prompts her to copy the link to preview mode before she finishes the upload.

Window in Trailmaker Content with prompt to copy the link to preview mode when uploading content to a release

It can take some time for the content to appear in preview mode, so Cindy pastes the link on her desktop. She can use this link herself, and she can give it to her subject matter experts, so that they can check the content for accuracy in preview mode. 

Access Preview Mode from the Release Page

In Trailmaker Release, Marisol can click Preview on the release page of an unpublished release.

Release page in Trailmaker Release, showing Preview button

She also can select Preview from the Actions picklist for a release on the namespace page.

Actions picklist for a release on the Pure Aloe namespace page

Get the Link from an Email or Chatter Post

Users who don’t have access to the Trailmaker apps, such as Cindy’s subject matter experts, can still access preview mode. Cindy or Marisol can give them the link to preview mode in an email or Chatter post.

Creating a Deep Link to Content in Preview Mode

Marisol can easily get the link to preview mode from Trailmaker Release and share it with users who need to preview content. But that link leads to the general modules page on myTrailhead, which can have dozens of modules. She’d really like to give users a link to a specific module in preview mode, so they don’t have to search for it amid a sea of other modules.

How can she do that? By creating a deep link. Marisol knows that Romina, the Pure Aloe learning and enablement professional, can create deep links to published myTrailhead modules. She asks Romina, “Can you show me how to build a deep link to a module in preview mode?”

“Sure!” Romina says. “Let’s do it.”

In preview mode, Marisol navigates to the module Pure Aloe Sales Goals.

Romina points out the parts of the URL that are key to creating a deep link to preview mode.

  • Pure Aloe’s myTrailhead subdomain name, including the “.com”—
  • Pure Aloe’s namespace name—purealoe
  • The content type—module
  • The module’s API name—pure-aloe-sales-goals

“We need a couple of extra details,” Romina tells Marisol. “We need the localization instructions, which for us are /en.” 

Marisol nods. 

Romina continues, “And we need the API name of the release we’re previewing. Have you got that?”

Marisol finds the API name at the end of the URL on the release page in Trailmaker Release: july-jellybean.

Then they get started.

1. Romina begins with https:// and adds the Pure Aloe myTrailhead subdomain name:

 2. She adds /en.

3. She adds /content/.

4. She adds the Pure Aloe namespace name, followed by a slash: purealoe/.

5. To direct the link to preview mode, she adds enter-preview?.

6. To specify which release to preview, she enters release= and the release’s API name: july-jellybean.

7. To connect the release name to the content type, Romina adds an ampersand (&) and content_type=.

8. Then she adds the content type: module.

9. To connect the content type to the API name of the specific module, she adds an ampersand (&) and content_api_name=.

10. Finally, she adds the module’s API name: pure-aloe-sales-goals.

“Voilà!” Romina says. “That link takes users straight to the Pure Aloe Sales Goals module in preview mode.”

Marisol can’t wait to start building preview-mode links herself.

What Can You Do in Preview Mode?

Cindy appreciates the opportunity to see her content in preview mode, because it looks just how it will when it’s published. She can: 

  • Check the content formatting, to make the styling is correct
  • Review image sizes, to make sure the illustrations look right
  • Proofread the content, to make sure there are no typos
  • Test the quizzes, to make sure that the right answers are registering as correct
  • Give her subject matter experts one last chance to read the content and confirm its accuracy

If Cindy or her subject matter experts find errors to fix, Cindy can go back to Trailmaker Content and make the corrections. Then she can upload the corrected content to the release and check it in preview mode again.

There’s one thing that Cindy and her colleagues can’t do in preview mode: They can’t earn badges or points. They can test quizzes as often as necessary, to make sure that the quizzes are working correctly. That’s handy, especially when Cindy makes changes to the quizzes during proofreading. But it’s also why users can’t earn badges for reading the content and testing the quizzes in preview mode.