Create a myTrailhead Release

Learning Objectives

After completing this unit, you’ll be able to:

  • Describe what a release is.
  • Describe the actions that are possible at the different release statuses.


When your company is ready to make enablement content available to learners on your myTrailhead platform, a release manager publishes content in a release. In this module, you take a look at a release manager’s workflow.


To learn more about previous steps of the myTrailhead development cycle, check out the myTrailhead Basics, myTrailhead Configuration, Writing for myTrailhead, and Trailmaker Content Basics modules.

Let’s check in again with the Pure Aloe company, which produces and sells moisturizers and creams made from aloe vera. Cindy, the content creator, has written content that’s intended for the Pure Aloe Sales team. Marisol, the release manager, oversees the company’s myTrailhead publishing flow. Marisol and Cindy work together to add content to a myTrailhead release, but it’s Marisol’s responsibility as release manager to make sure that a release is ready to go. 

Releases in myTrailhead

A release contains the list of modules and trails that you publish at one time for a particular content collection. In a release, you can:

  • Publish new content.
  • Update existing content.
  • Archive published content.
  • Restore archived content.

Releases control all the publishing activity on your myTrailhead subdomain. If a module or a trail isn’t listed in a release, it can’t be published. You can maintain separate releases for each content collection so that you can independently deliver updates for each learning audience. 


You can't follow these steps in a Trailhead Playground, because myTrailhead isn't available in Trailhead Playgrounds. 

Create a Release

Cindy’s content is intended for the Sales team, so Marisol knows that she wants to create a release in the content collection that the Sales team can access. Back in the myTrailhead Configuration module, you saw how the Salesforce admin at Pure Aloe, Joseph, created the Sales Team Enablement content collection. That’s where Marisol plans to create this release. Here’s how she does it.

  1. Log in to the myTrailhead subdomain for Pure Aloe, click the avatar in the upper right, and select Trailmaker.
  2. In Trailmaker, click the Releases tab.
  3. From the Content Collection dropdown, select the Sales Team Enablement content collection.
    The Trailmaker Release app, showing the Content Collection dropdown with the Sales Team Enablement content collection selected.
  4. On the content collection page, click New Release.
    Content collection page in Trailmaker Release, showing New Release button
  5. Enter the name of the release.
  6. Enter a unique API name for the release. This is a programmatic name that learners won’t see. Trailmaker Release generates a unique API name based on the title, and you can accept the suggested name or change it.
  7. Click Create.
    Create a release screen in Trailmaker Release

Change the Release Status

A release can be Published or Unpublished. A release manager can leave an unpublished release open, so that permitted users can add, delete, or modify content for a release. When it’s time to prepare a release for publication, a release manager can lock an unpublished release so that collaborators can no longer modify the items in the release. 

Release page in Trailmaker Release, showing the Status picklist

Here’s how each status affects what permitted users can do in a release. 


Actions Allowed


  • Change the release name or API name.
  • Add items to the release.
  • Delete items from the release.
  • View the list of items in the release.
  • Preview the release.
  • Change the status to Locked.
  • Delete the release.


  • View the list of items in the release.
  • Preview the release.
  • Change the status to Open.
  • Publish the release.

After a release is published, its status permanently changes to Published. To update published content, a release manager creates another release, and collaborates with a writer to add the updated content to the new release.

For now, Marisol leaves this unpublished release in the Open status. She still hasn’t added any items to her release! In the next unit, you learn how Marisol uses Trailmaker Release to add the trails or modules that she wants to publish.


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