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Install Apps and Packages in Your Trailhead Playground

Learning Objectives

After completing this unit, you’ll be able to:

  • Use the AppExchange installation wizard.
  • Install a managed package in your Trailhead Playground.

Installing Apps

At various points in your Trailhead learning journey, you may need to install an app or package into your Trailhead Playground. To do this, you'll need a few things:

  • Your username and password for the place where you want to install your app (in this case, your Trailhead Playground)
  • A link for the app or package you want to install
  • A basic understanding of the installation process

You’re probably comfortable with the idea of app stores. Whether you’re downloading apps on your phone, tablet, computer, or other device, you have to download and install apps to make the most of your technology. Salesforce is the same way.

Salesforce has a community of partners that use the flexibility of the Salesforce platform to build amazing apps that anyone can use. These apps are available for installation on AppExchange (some for free, some at a cost).

When installing an app or managed package, you are essentially taking a set of pre-created configurations and developments, and putting it into your Trailhead Playground. Throughout Trailhead, there are places where you'll need to install an app or managed package in order to complete a challenge.

To see the process in action, watch this video.

Oops! It Looks Like You Don’t Have Permissions to Install Apps

AppExchange, like many sites, features single sign-on (SSO). This means that when you go to, we will attempt to sign you in automatically. This is typically a benefit, but in the case of installing apps into your Trailhead Playground, it may cause issues with installing into the right place.

If you open an AppExchange link while you're signed into your production Salesforce account, the AppExchange will use your production credentials instead of your Trailhead Playground credentials. To get around this, open your Trailhead Playground in an incognito window. Then, if you click the AppExchange link in that window, it will use your Trailhead Playground credentials instead of your production credentials.

If you've ever seen the “Oops! It Looks Like You Don't Have Permissions to Install Apps.” error message in AppExchange, you're probably trying to install the package into your production org. Luckily, there's a remedy for the problem.

  1. Click on your AppExchange profile.
  2. Look for your username.
  3. If your username isn't your Trailhead Playground username, click Log Out.

The AppExchange, with callouts highlighting the logged in profile, the logged in username, and the Log Out button.

In this case, is my username at work, where I don't have permissions to install apps. So all I need to do is click Logout.

Once I've successfully logged out, I click Log In.

The AppExchange search bar.

Then I sign back in with my Trailhead Playground username and password.

The Salesforce sign in page.

Using the AppExchange Installation Wizard

The AppExchange will guide you through installing any app or package. For apps you're installing for Trailhead, you'll want to:

  • Install into production
  • Install for all users
  • If prompted to sign in, always sign in with your Trailhead Playground username and password

AppExchange installs are processed based on availability. The ones we use on Trailhead typically take a few minutes, but they can take several hours or more. An email confirmation is sent once the installation is complete. Check your spam folder if you don't see the email.

Installing Packages

Like the AppExchange, managed and unmanaged packages will attempt to authenticate you with single sign-on when you click on the package link. You'll find links for managed and unmanaged packages throughout Trailhead.

The best way to ensure you're installing into the right place is to compare the URL in your browser.

  1. Launch your Trailhead Playground and note the URL. For example:
  2. Then, click the link for the managed package.
  3. Verify that the first part of the URL matches the Trailhead Playground URL. For example:
  4. Compare the two URLs and make sure they match.

Make sure that the package URL matches your Trailhead playground URL.

If it's a match, then you're installing in the right place.

What’s Included?

Want to see what was included in the app or package you installed?

  1. From Setup, enter Installed Packages in Quick Find and select Installed Packages.
  2. Click the app or package from the list.
  3. Click View Components.

On this page, you'll find all of the components you installed.

What Do I Do If I Still Can't Install an App or Package?

If you're still having trouble installing an AppExchange app or managed package, try watching this video for tips on how to resolve common issues.