Learn to Navigate Trailhead

Learning Objective

After completing this unit, you’ll be able to:

  • Use the navigation on Trailhead.

If you’ve completed the Trailhead: Quick Look module, you’re familiar with what Trailhead is and how you can use the on-demand learning offered there to grow your career. Now it’s time to learn how to navigate Trailhead, whether you’re on desktop or Trailhead Go.

The best place to start is the Learn tab. There, you can find Trails, Trailmixes, Modules, and Projects.

  • Trails are guided paths made up of modules and projects with a common theme.
  • Trailmixes are collections of content that can be created by anyone using Trailhead, offering a more customized approach to learning.
  • Modules are made up of bite-size units that introduce you to specific topics and test your knowledge using quizzes and hands-on challenges.
  • Projects help you gain new skills through hands-on practice within a Trailhead demo environment, giving step-by-step instructions as you work.

From the Learn tab, you can search, and filter by role, level, products, and tags. You can mark your favorite content and come back to it anytime, by selecting Favorites on your profile menu. 

When you’re ready to prove you’ve got the skills, check out the Credentials tab on desktop, where you can find Superbadges and Certifications. 

  • Superbadges are complex badges that enable you to apply new skills you’ve learned to real-world business problems. To unlock them, you must complete prerequisite modules and projects.
  • Salesforce certifications are your way to prove your Salesforce knowledge through testing. They help you to grow your resume and highlight your skills.

Speaking of skills, your profile is your reinvented resume, where you can show off all the badges, superbadges, and credentials you’ve earned. Access it by clicking your image on Trailhead Go or in the upper-right corner on desktop. You can see everything you’ve accomplished on Trailhead. 


Trailhead: Trailhead Basics

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What’s in it for you?
  • 1 in 4 land a new job
  • 50% receive a promotion or raise
  • 80% learn new technologies that boost their resume
  • 66% say it increases productivity
Source: Trailblazer Community Impact Survey 2019