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Learning Objectives

After completing this unit, you’ll be able to:

  • Describe the benefits of Trailhead Academy.
  • Highlight the unique characteristics of Salesforce Enablement Services.
  • Summarize the advantages of Customer 360 Guides.
  • Differentiate myTrailhead from Trailhead.


According to a recent study, 58% of employees feel they aren’t offered opportunities to grow skills. 58 percent?! (Note to self: Send those employers a link to this badge.) Trailhead provides that opportunity for learning at every stage of your company’s digital transformation. You may be thinking, “My company needs more than on-demand learning.” An excellent point. That’s why Trailhead has so much more to offer than earning points and badges. Let’s dive into those additional Trailhead products and services.

Trailhead Academy

Develop your employee’s Salesforce expertise through high-touch, instructor-led learning from Trailhead Academy. Our world-class instructors conduct in-person and virtual learning experiences around the world for all levels of learners. Course topics include:

  • New to Salesforce
  • Credential prep
  • Product/process features
  • Cross-cloud implementations

Trailhead Academy has you covered. When in doubt, learn from the Salesforce experts.

Salesforce Enablement Services

Enablement Services empower your team with custom change management and learning programs aligned to your business goals. This Trailhead service builds custom classes/workshops for your company’s specific needs. Implementing a cross-cloud solution with customized features? Enablement Services to the rescue. They assist your company in creating meaningful goals, defining success, and then building a unique plan tailored to your business to get the most out of your Salesforce investment. 

Customer 360 Guides

Each Customer 360 Guide is a collection of assets that show you how to create a connected customer experience by integrating Salesforce products. In these guides, we share best practices and proven integration solutions from Salesforce customers, so you can transform your business and have the flexibility to be resilient through market changes. Customer 360 Guide topics range from Retail to Discrete Manufacturing, with more on the way. Best of all, they are available, free, and accessible today. 


Need your own version of Trailhead? myTrailhead is exactly that. All the benefits of Trailhead but with your content and branding. You can even combine your custom content with Salesforce Trailhead content and resources outside myTrailhead, such as online videos and in-person activities. Quickly implement a comprehensive learning experience platform, create custom content to fit your business needs, or access myTrailhead Content Kits for prebuilt templates. 

Screenshot from the myTrailhead siteKeep in mind, Trailhead content is public. Anyone in the world can access it and earn Trailhead badges and points. But myTrailhead content is private. Only myTrailhead learners (learners you designate) can access it and earn myTrailhead badges and points.

Whether you’re taking a Trailhead Academy class, attending a private workshop, leveraging a Customer 360 Guide, customizing myTrailhead for your company, or earning a badge for the first time, Trailhead makes it fun. With so many ways to weave Trailhead into your company’s learning culture, it’s exciting to start planning your next steps. To sustain that excitement, the next unit presents scenarios in which Trailhead plays a part in your company’s success.


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