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Trailhead Home

Explore the Trailblazer Community

Learning Objectives

After completing this unit, you’ll be able to:

  • Engage with other Trailblazers in the Trailblazer Community.
  • Find Community Groups that align with your needs and interests.

Find New Ways to Connect

We call our customers Trailblazers because they’re always looking for innovative ways to maximize Salesforce success in their organizations and make the world a better place. We love to help Trailblazers learn, connect, have fun, and give back together. 

Collaborate with Peers Online

The first step is to engage with our online community, the Trailblazer Community. If you haven’t already, visit While you're there, sign up to find answers to Salesforce questions and join topic-based Collaboration Groups, where you can work with colleagues, peers, and Salesforce employees.

You'll find all of the resources we mentioned in the video at the bottom of this unit.

Get Inspired by Salesforce MVPs

The Trailblazer Community also helps you connect with Salesforce MVPs, a group of experienced Trailblazers with exceptional product expertise and a talent for enthusiastically helping out other customers.

Build Your Network with Community Groups and Conferences

There are Community Groups all over the place, for all kinds of Salesforce users. These groups are led by customer volunteers and meet regularly to learn together. Discover groups and join upcoming meetings in your area at You can also attend Community Conferences—created by and for the community—to get immersed in Salesforce best practices, inspiring thought leadership, and awesome networking.

Connect to Opportunity from Mentorship to Employment

We also have resources focused on students and job seekers. If you’re a student, find a mentor and access resources on Salesforce Student Programs. If you’re new to Salesforce or looking for a career change, explore the resources on Trailblazer Connect.