Explore Tech for Impact Management

Learning Objectives

After completing this unit, you’ll be able to:

  • Discuss ways that technology can be put to use for Impact Management.
  • Describe how Salesforce tools are tailored to help organizations plan for Impact Management.

How Technology Supports Impact Management Superheroes

Many organizations have adopted robust technology and thoughtful Impact Management practices but still struggle to glean meaningful insights from the data to improve performance, manage costs, and fast-track their impact. As a result, they’re unable to provide the personalized delivery, transparency, and impact reporting necessary to expand programs and improve the fundraising activities that are so important.

When organizations implement technology tools to support their Impact Management tactics with data collection and analysis capabilities, resources can be put to much more efficient use—which ultimately leads to far superior delivery on mission. With the right technology in place, you might even feel like an Impact Management superhero!  

Salesforce customers depicted as superheroes

A Survey of Tech for Impact Management

We’ll start with what we know best by offering a few suggestions for Salesforce-related solutions. 

Salesforce.org Nonprofit Cloud and Program Management Module

Nonprofit Cloud is a set of technologies and solutions that work together to help mission-based organizations connect with donors, track volunteers, manage campaigns, support clients, and manage nearly everything else they need to do to succeed. In short, it enables nonprofit organizations to measure and manage their programs more effectively. Program managers using Nonprofit Cloud can better understand which initiatives or interventions are most successful, adjust services to better fit clients’ needs, and quickly define and create new programs.

Looking even closer, the Program Management Module (PMM) component of Nonprofit Cloud provides users with a standard framework to track any type of program or service—regardless of complexity or volume—to optimize, understand, and report on outcomes. PMM works in any Salesforce environment, although it performs best along with Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP), the core of Nonprofit Cloud. PMM comes with reports and dashboards so you can easily see trends in enrollment, services delivered, and other key metrics to track program performance.


A  few pointers about PMM: You must have a Salesforce org with My Domain enabled before you can install PMM. If you don't have a Salesforce org, we recommend starting with an NPSP trial. For more about PMM setup and best practices, see the Trailhead module and the Documentation article linked in this unit’s resources.

Salesforce Plus Third-Party Apps 

The Salesforce AppExchange is a marketplace stocked with helpful apps, Lightning components, Flow solutions, and more. There’s a good chance that, no matter what issues you’re hoping to solve, the Salesforce AppExchange has a solution that meets your needs. Best of all: Because it’s the official Salesforce store, you can trust these secure solutions.

It’s more than that, however—the AppExchange is also a community of Salesforce partners, working nonstop to create services on top of Salesforce. Developers, admins, and other users have powered AppExchange to include more than 4,000 listings, 80,000 peer reviews, and 7 million installations. That’s a lot of solutions!

Search the AppExchange to find apps built to work with Salesforce to support Impact Management. Here are a couple of examples to get you started.

  • Amp Impact provides a platform for nonprofits to measure impact, drive stronger accountability, and deliver better program impact.
  • Socialsuite can be implemented to assist people and communities to achieve their desired long-term outcomes by monitoring feedback on outcomes over time.

Getting the Help You Need

Salesforce.org and our network of consulting partners provide specialized guidance and assistance, allowing your organization to realize optimal Impact Management. We’re able to leverage lessons learned from helping other organizations and apply them to related issues you’re facing. 

  • Salesforce.org’s Impact Management team can advise your approach toward data collection to help you implement data management best practices and embrace a new era of Impact Management. To learn more, see the How to Combine Impact Measurement and Program Management blog post in the Resource section below.
  • Consulting partners assist with implementation of technology tools and Impact Management tactics. A trained and experienced consultant can help you transform how you work for more, and more measurable, impact. For tips on how to select a consulting partner, see the How to Choose a Salesforce Consulting Partner blog post listed under Resources below.

Summing It Up

Looking ahead, we all hope to see a thriving social sector—one that’s well equipped to address evolving challenges and crises. Hope isn’t enough, however! Disciplined application of tactics for data collection, management, and analysis as part of a commitment to Impact Management, plus the technology to support those tactics, make it possible for organizations to deliver on their mission more efficiently than ever.


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