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Build Your Survey

Learning Objectives

After completing this unit, you’ll be able to:

  • Create a survey and specify its style.
  • Customize the Welcome and Thank-You pages.
  • Insert images.
  • Insert response from a previous question.
  • Preview the survey.

Build Your Survey

Erin is excited to see Surveys on the App Launcher.

Salesforce App Launcher showing all the items are available for use to the user.

Her first survey is going to be about the experience of using solar panels.

She creates a survey.

  1. From the App Launcher, find and select Surveys.
  2. To open the Survey Builder, click New.
  3. Click Name your Survey in the top left.
  4. Enter your survey name. Erin enters Customer Review of Solar Panels.

Erin likes the look of the survey in Survey Builder, but she wants to make sure it reflects Ursa Major’s brand and style. She moves to the Branding panel and gets to work.

  1. Click Branding.
  2. Turn on Auto-Progress to let participants automatically move to the next page after responding to the last question on a page.
  3. Open this image and save it to your desktop.
  4. In the Background Image section, click Upload Files and select the image you just downloaded.
  5. Select the survey-background.png image.
  6. Click Open.
  7. Set the content card opacity to 0.5.
  8. Change the question’s hexadecimal value to #DB7114.

Here’s a peek at Erin’s survey styles.

Survey Builder with the Style icon selected displaying a custom desert picture.

Erin has created a brand identity for her survey. Now she’s ready to start adding questions. She switches to the Pages tab to display all the pages of the survey.

Survey Builder with list view icon selected to display a blank survey with three areas highlighted: Enter survey title, add questions, and enter your thank you message.

  • Welcome Page (1)—Click to view and edit the welcome page. The Welcome Page is the first page participants see when they start your survey. Be sure to make them feel welcome.
  • Add Page (2)—Click to add a page. A page can contain one or more questions.
  • Thank You Page (3)—Click to view and edit the thank-you note. This is the last page that participants see before they finish your survey. Send them off on a happy note.
  • Add Question (4)—Click to add a question on a page and select the question type.

Welcome Your Participants

Erin is ready to get this survey started! She keeps it simple for now and can always add more features later.

  1. To view the survey pages, click Pages.
  2. Enter a welcome message: Please tell us about your recent experience with Ursa Major Solar so we can help the sun shine on all our customers!


Click Disable welcome page icon to disable the Welcome Page for participants.

  1. Open this image and save it to your desktop.
  2. On the rich text editor of the welcome message, click Insert Image icon to add the image you just downloaded to the Welcome Page.
  3. Select the company_logo.png image.
  4. Click Open.
  5. Add a line break before the image.
  6. Center align the image.
  7. Change the font type to Verdana and the font size to 16.
  8. Enter a description: Survey for customer satisfaction on using solar panels.

Here’s how the Welcome Page looks:

Welcome message along with the image of the company logo.

Ask Away

Erin starts with six basic questions, but she fears that the participants might lose interest if the survey runs into multiple pages. So, she decides to keep more than one question in two of the pages. Here’s how she does it.

  1. Click Add Page.
  2. Enter the page name: Solar Panel Installation.
  3. Click Add Question.
  4. Select Rating.
  5. Enter the question: Rate your experience with the solar panel installation.
  6. Set the scale because it's a rating question. In this instance, keep the default scale of five stars.
  7. Click Add Question.
  8. Select Long Text.
  9. Enter the question: Tell us what didn’t go well with the installation.

Here’s what Erin ends up with.

Two questions in the Survey Builder.

Next, Erin wants to add a question where customers can score their solar panels. To do this, she adds the question to a new page and makes it required.

  1. Click Add Page.
  2. Enter the name: Solar Panel Score.
  3. Click Add Question.
  4. Select Score.
  5. Enter the question: Score our solar panels.
  6. Open this image and save it to your desktop.
  7. Click Insert Image icon and add the image you just downloaded to the question.
  8. Select the solar_panel.jpg image.
  9. Click Open.
  10. Reduce the maximum score from 10 to 5.
  11. Click Question properties.
  12. Select Required.
A question with an image along with it.

Erin also wants to use a Long Text type question to understand why the participants provided a low score to the solar panels. To do this, she’ll use the Insert Response feature.

  1. Click Add Page.
  2. Click Add Question.
  3. Enter the name: Low Score Details.
  4. Select Long Text.
  5. Enter the question: Tell us why you rated our solar panel.
  6. Click Insert Content.
  7. Select Response from a previous question.
  8. Click Next.
  9. Choose which question’s response you want to insert. In this instance, choose Page 2 Question 1 : Score our solar panels. The response is inserted in the form of a merge field.
  10. Click Insert.
  11. Add a question mark to the end of the question.

This is how the question appears.

A question in which the response to a previous question has been inserted.

Erin adds two more pages to her survey to make sure she’s gathering the right amount of feedback. She creates the fourth page using the following values.

Page and Question Input
Page Name Rank and Recommend
Question #1 Type Ranking
Question #1 Rank which features of the solar panels are the most useful.
Ranking Items
  • Low Maintenance
  • Protects Your Roof
  • Constant Power Source
  • Highly Durable
Question #2 Type NPS
Question #2 Would you recommend our solar panels to your friends and family?

She creates the fifth and final page using the following values.

Page and Question Input
Page Name Other Improvement Areas
Question Type Long Text
Question Any other areas of improvement?

Erin likes how her survey is shaping up. The last step is to add a thank you message.

  1. Click Thank You Page.
  2. Enter: Thank you for helping us make everyone’s day a little brighter!
  3. Click Save.

Enjoy the First Look

Erin clicks Preview to step through her survey just like a regular participant. While responding to the survey, Erin notices that she automatically moves to the next page on answering the last question on the page. Remember, Erin turned on Auto-Progress, this will surely save her participants a few clicks!

Erin is also elated with how the third page turned out. This page contains the question in which a previous question’s response was inserted. Handy recall!

Preview of a question with a response from a previous question inserted.

Erin created her survey and customized it to match Ursa Major branding. Then she added her questions. She even remembered to say thank-you. Her parents would be so proud. Next, she adds logic to her survey.

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