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Learning Objectives

After completing this unit, you’ll be able to:

  • Explain how to streamline self-service for donors.
  • Describe how to save time and money with no-code customer-data capture.
  • Explain how to track, manage, and report on program services attendance.
  • Explain how to deliver proactive Student Service.

Experience Cloud for Nonprofits

Put donors in the driver's seat by streamlining self-service. Fundraisers can create branded donor portals. Donors can log in quickly and securely to donate, view their giving history, and update contact information.

Example branded donor portal Elevate Enhancements

Save time and money with no-code customer-data capture. Create Giving Pages for your website without a custom API. Gather extra information on your donation forms, and flow that data directly into Salesforce.

Learn more about Elevate Enhancements.

Program Management Module Enhancements

Automate attendance capture and reporting. Prepopulated trackers simplify attendance verification after group services. Use prebuilt reports to make sharing outcomes easy and efficient.

Learn more about Program Management Module Enhancements.

Deepen your engagement with students with this scalable solution. Identify retention challenges, guide mentorship, and ensure students are on a path to success. Use Salesforce Advisor Link wherever there’s a need for seamless onboarding and engagement tracking.

Advisor Link

Learn more about Salesforce Advisor Link for For-Profit Institutions.

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