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Learning Objectives

After completing this unit, you’ll be able to:

  • Describe how sales managers and reps can easily maintain a healthy pipeline and improve sales coaching.
  • Explain how to incorporate information from external systems and visualize it inside of Maps.
  • Explain how to generate tailored lead-scoring predictive models for the segments you define, specific to your business.

Pipeline Inspection

Make your frontline sales team more accountable. Empower sales managers and reps with an easy way to maintain a healthy pipeline, spot key deal changes, and improve sales coaching.

Learn more about Pipeline Inspection.

External Object Visualization

Make more informed decisions with your data. Incorporate data that’s siloed in external systems (for example, ERP, third-party insights) in the context of location intelligence, and visualize these insights directly in Maps.

Learn more about External Object Visualization.

Einstein Lead Scoring Enhancements

Use artificial intelligence to score your leads, so your sales team knows what to prioritize. Now you can generate tailored predictive models for the segments you define, specific to your business.

Prioritizing lead segments in Einstein Lead Scoring’s Guided Setup

Learn more about Einstein Lead Scoring Enhancements. 

Your Account 

Discover new features and easily add licenses to scale your business’s growth with Your Account in Salesforce. Buy licenses for new users, manage payment options, and add new functionality instantly right within Salesforce.

Learn more about Your Account.

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