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Learning Objectives

After completing this unit, you’ll be able to:

  • Describe how to create richer Flow screens with Multicolumn Screens.
  • Explain how to receive file attachments as responses to survey questions.
  • Describe how to bring intelligent search to Salesforce by making it personal, natural, and actionable.
  • Explain how to increase compliance with regulations like local data residency and GDPR.
  • Explain how to deliver one integrated self-service experience for employee service requests.

Salesforce Flow: Multicolumn Screens 

Get more control over your displays. Build rich, impactful Flow screens that mix multiple columns and sections. Show more information in an easier-to-read presentation.

Learn more about Lightning Flow: Multicolumn Screens.

Salesforce Feedback Management: File Upload Response

Expand survey responses to include file attachments such as a PDF or photo files. Use responses to gather additional context while collecting more feedback.

Learn more about Salesforce Feedback Management: File Upload Response.

Give your users a smarter search powered by AI. All features of Einstein Search are now generally available at no extra cost. Personalization returns relevant search results based on a user’s activity. Natural language search (NLS) lets users type common words and phrases in their queries to filter search results. And the actionable UI lets your users accomplish tasks right from the search box, such as logging a case or creating a contact.

Learn more about Einstein Search.

Regional Backups for Heroku Postgres

Increase compliance with ease. Backups of Heroku Postgres are now contained in the same region as the database. With this enhancement, users of Heroku Postgres can increase compliance with regulations like local data residency and GDPR.

Learn more about Regional Backups for Heroku Postgres.

Employee Concierge

Empower employees to help themselves through self-service channels. Streamline employee service requests so they can spend less time looking for answers and more time being productive.

My Tickets screen in Employee Concierge

Learn more about Employee Concierge.

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