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Learning Objectives

After completing this unit, you’ll be able to:

  • Explain how to build and support communities with digital-first public services.
  • Describe how to easily extract data from documents using optical character recognition.
  • Explain how to reduce the cost to serve by enabling mobile subscribers with self-service capabilities.
  • Explain how to introduce changes to ongoing transactions without disruption, and track and compare product versions.
  • Explain how to get a single source of truth for cross-platform advertising inventory and streamline media planning.
  • Explain how to acquire new utility customers with a digital rate and product shopping experience.
  • Explain how to build energy performance datasets of your own commercial building portfolio.

Public Sector Foundation—Advanced

Provide digital-first call center experiences with the new call center capabilities. Boost collaboration, efficiency, and effectiveness to provide public services faster than ever before.

Intelligent Document Automation for Public Sector

Speed up application intake and turn paper applications into digital records with optical character recognition. Check application data against documentation like drivers licenses and passports. Create templates that map data fields to Salesforce objects.

Learn more about Intelligent Document Automation for Public Sector.

Self-Service for Mobile Subscription Management

Empower mobile subscribers with self-service capabilities for common actions, including account management, billing, payments, and usage tracking. Reduce the cost to serve with out-of-the-box processes that allow providers to configure once and deploy across channels.

Self-service on a mobile screen

Communications: Product Versioning

Speed up innovation and improve responsiveness by supporting changes to existing products without disruption. Manage the product lifecycle by tracking and comparing versions. Ensure accurate version management in CPQ and order fulfillment.

Converged Ad Campaign Management

Our latest release provides converged, omnichannel advertising campaign planning capabilities. Get a unified view of inventory levels for campaign planning and optimization. Ad system integrations across key advertising ecosystem players allows sales and operations teams to execute more effectively.

Customer Acquisition Management

Lower customer acquisition cost while recommending the best offers, including high-value, high-margin bundles. Provide a frictionless digital rate comparison and shopping experience. Deliver quotes to customers and integrate customer enrollment with automation.

Learn more about Customer Acquisition Management.

Energy Intensity Benchmarking

Create benchmarks of your building energy intensity. Use your own benchmarking data or the provided CBECS data to fill gaps in your energy data.

Building Energy Intensity (BEI) Builder

Learn more about Energy Intensity Benchmarking.

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