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Learning Objectives

After completing this unit, you’ll be able to:

  • Explain how to improve the customer and employee experience with automated, connected, end-to-end work orchestration.
  • Explain how to enable compliant collaboration across financial deal teams.
  • Explain how to improve provider engagement and satisfaction with a unified system of record.
  • Explain how to increase first-call resolution and reduce no-shows with centralized appointment scheduling.
  • Describe how to attach rebate programs to Contracts, Quotes, and Sales Agreements as you work with customers.
  • Describe how to visualize the potential monthly impact of a rebate program on business with a predictive template.
  • Explain how to monitor and engage with customers to sell more, from anywhere.
  • Describe how to simplify the setup process with guided step-by-step instructions.

Digital Process Automation

Improve the customer and employee experience with automated work orchestration. Drive productivity with process automation and integration tools, including Decision Tables, Calculation Matrices and Procedures, and Intelligent Document Automation.

Deal Management

Enable compliant collaboration and data sharing. Manage and track team members, products, interactions, and confidential data for financial deals.

Provider Network Management 

Streamline provider network management with a unified system of record. Comprehensive credentialing and automated processes accelerate provider onboarding, while self-service applications improve provider engagement and satisfaction.

Learn more about Provider Network Management. 

Intelligent Appointment Management

Centralize appointment scheduling with a single interface atop multiple systems of record. Contact center and scheduling staff get recommendations for the best options, so they can book the right appointments to increase first-call resolution and reduce no-shows.

Learn more about Intelligent Appointment Management.

Rebate Management Integration with CPQ

Attach rebate programs to Contracts, Quotes, and Sales Agreements as you prep and negotiate agreements. Actionable suggestions in the Contract flow empower account teams to choose the right incentive programs for each account.

Learn more about Rebate Management Integration with CPQ.

Virtual Sales and Execution

Now you can leverage the retail execution mobile capabilities on desktop. Monitor and engage customers more effectively. And provide accounts with information to track on-shelf availability and protect your brand in the field.

Learn more about Virtual Sales and Execution.

Setup Assistant for Consumer Goods Cloud

Get step-by-step instructions on setting up Consumer Goods Cloud. The guided assistant makes it easy to review detailed technical documentation and see your completion progress.

Setup Assistant

Learn more about Setup Assistant for Consumer Goods Cloud.

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