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Learning Objectives

After completing this unit, you’ll be able to:

  • Explain how to drive revenue and engagement with a quick, trusted path to modern headless commerce experiences.
  • Describe how to increase sales and speed up performance with powerful, consumer-like search with Einstein.
  • Describe how to create transaction emails or build campaigns from events generated in Salesforce Order Management.
  • Explain how to easily set publish times and get an overview of all scheduled content.
  • Describe how to ensure a seamless migration of SEO equity when moving to Experience Cloud.

Headless Commerce Enhancements

Deliver a modern, fast, mobile-optimized web experience. The Commerce PWA Kit and Managed Runtime provide a decoupled front end that accelerates the path to headless commerce while reducing cost and complexity.

Learn more about Headless Commerce Enhancements.

Einstein Search for B2B Commerce

Increase sales and speed up performance with powerful, consumer-like intelligent search with Einstein for B2B. Capabilities include Einstein search suggestions, search result grouping, and search sorting.

Learn more about Einstein Search for B2B Commerce.

Marketing Cloud Connect for Order Management

Do more with your customer data. Send any action from your order management system (OMS) directly to Marketing Cloud to trigger post-order transaction emails (for example, shipping confirmations). Or use shopper data to build targeted marketing campaigns.

Learn more about Marketing Cloud Connect for Order Management.

Content Scheduler

Easily curate, share, and manage content with Content Scheduler. Set a date/time for content to be published and unpublished. Get an overview of all scheduled content within the CMS workspace.

Learn more about Content Scheduler.

SEO Enhancements 

Improve your SEO by redirecting record page URLs to user-friendly and descriptive URLs for better search rankings. Redirect management ensures a seamless migration of SEO equity and continued optimization.

URL Redirect screen showing the number of redirects successfully imported.

Learn more about SEO Enhancements.

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