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Learning Objectives

After completing this unit, you’ll be able to:

  • Explain how Dialer enhancements increase customer connections.
  • Explain how to measure sales and marketing impact with Account-Based Marketing Dashboards.

Dialer Enhancements

Summer is supercharging Lightning Dialer. Now, everyone on the team can take advantage of local presence, make multiple pre-recorded voicemail messages for voicemail drops, and automatically log unsuccessful calls. There’s also an improved experience for call monitoring, so managers can coach their reps to do their best work. Currently available in North America only.

Learn more about Dialer enhancements.

Pardot: Account-Based Marketing Dashboard

The Account-Based Marketing dashboard helps marketing and sales work together to drive key accounts to close. Marketing can see overall pipeline and has insight into account-based sales activities. Sales can see the number of contacts engaged per account and which campaigns worked best to drive those connected personalized conversations.

Learn more about the Account-Based Marketing dashboard.

Inbox: Relationship Intelligence

Build better customer relationships with new mobile intelligence in Inbox. Einstein Email Insights identifies email that needs attention in your Inbox based on key factors. Recommended Connections identifies who in your company is connecting with your contacts so you can build closer relationships.

Learn more about Email Insights.

Setup Home

Getting started with Salesforce has never been easier. With the in-app Setup Home dedicated to helping you customize Salesforce Essentials to fit your business, you'll be up and and running in no time. And if you're already set up, there are lots of tips to help you get more out of Essentials.

Learn more about Setup Home.


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