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Learning Objectives

After completing this unit, you’ll be able to:

  • Describe how Live Apps help streamline your workflow and allow you to work faster with Quip.
  • Explain how painless edit tracking in Quip can be with Inline Edit History.

Live Apps in the Salesforce AppExchange

Quip is in the Salesforce AppExchange. Extend Quip with relationship maps, diagrams, and project data with Live Apps from innovative companies like Altify, Lucidchart, and Taskray. Add multiple Live Apps to a Quip document to view and collaborate on live data from tools you use every day to keep everyone on the same page and make decisions faster.

Project Tracker Live App

Project Tracker is a flexible project management app you can insert into any Quip document. Assign, track, and run projects in the same place that work and conversations happen. 

Process Bar Live App

Define a step-by-step process in a document and then track your progress through it with Process Bar Live App. Perfect for visualizing copy workflows, approval processes, or transition plans

Image Live App

Add images to Quip documents with the new Image Live App. Bring conference floor blueprints, UI sketches, or screenshots into documents, and then crop them to fit just right and use pinnable comments to spark conversations anywhere in the image.

Inline Edit History

There are no versions of Quip documents; you're always viewing the latest. Quip has always tracked every edit for you, and now Inline Edit History lets you track edits inline too. Click on a section of text in any Quip document to seethe original author, the last person who made edits, and when for instant clarity and transparency.