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Learning Objectives

After completing this unit, you’ll be able to:

  • Describe how to increase platform compatibility when interacting with encrypted data.
  • Explain how to sync data to/from Heroku Shield.
  • Explain how to simplify your Salesforce DX Apex development lifecycle.

Heroku Connect: Heroku Shield Support

Heroku Connect can now sync data to/from Heroku Shield databases, and you can add it to BAAs (business associate agreements) for HIPAA-regulated (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996) workloads.

Shield: Filter-Preserving Encryption

Platform Encryption customers can opt in to the filter-preserving encryption scheme, powered by deterministic encryption techniques, to find case-sensitive, exact matches. Customers opt in on a field-by-field basis when they need the ability to filter and execute queries on fields with unique attributes, such as fields in custom indexes.

Learn more about filter-preserving encryption.

Apex Replay Debugger

Simplify your Salesforce DX Apex development lifecycle by detecting and fixing bugs easily. The Apex Replay Debugger lets you step through and inspect your Apex execution, using the debug logs that you are already familiar with, through an intuitive user interface inside VS Code.

Learn more about Apex Replay Debugger.

Full Content Push Notifications

Push notifications to the Salesforce mobile app now display more content from the Chatter post, task assignment, approval request, or other event source.

Learn more about full content push notifications.

Hourly Event Logs

Shield / Event Monitoring customers can now receive event log files in hourly increments for recent activity, along with 24-hour event log files. Hourly event log files provide accelerated data, giving customers quicker visibility into security anomalies, user adoption, and custom code performance issues.

Learn more about Hourly event logs.