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Learning Objectives

After completing this unit, you’ll be able to:

  • Describe how Marketing Cloud and Google Analytics 360 integration works.
  • Explain how bi-directional email activation helps you manage your customer’s cross-channel journeys.
  • Explain how you can publish to your Instagram account directly from Social Studio.

Marketing Cloud Integration for Google Analytics 360

As part of the Google Analytics 360 and Salesforce Marketing Cloud integration, marketers now can access an analytics dashboard within Journey Builder to visualize and analyze engagement on the web and in emails coming from both Google and Salesforcewithout ever leaving Marketing Cloud. An intuitive tag configuration tool lets marketers quickly and accurately instrument emails with Google tags to pass more engagement data back to Google Analytics 360. The Google platform uses the data for things like website personalization, ad optimization, and attribution measurement. Journey Builder and the Google Analytics 360 Integration must be enabled on your account to use this feature. Contact your account representative for more information.

Learn more about Marketing Cloud integration for Google Analytics 360.

Audience Studio + Email Studio: Bi-Directional Email Activation

With Audience Studio and Email Studio bi-directional email activation, you can manage the customer's journey across email and advertising using data and insights from both channels.

Social Studio: Publish to Instagram

Manage your Instagram business account directly from Social Studio without any need for additional mobile steps. You can now target multiple accounts and publish content at scale to key Instagram accounts. Publish images, captions, and hashtags to the feed for your Instagram followers from Social Studio desktop or mobile. For non-business Instagram accounts, continue to use the mobile options.

Learn more about publishing to Instagram.

See how to set up an Instagram business account.

Journey Builder: Einstein Splits

Use Einstein Engagement Scoring behavior predictions seamlessly within Journey Builder with the new Einstein Split flow control. Test subject lines, content, offers, and even different channels to personalize the journey for each individual. Simply drag the Einstein icon onto the canvas and choose from pre-configured splits based on consumer likelihood to engage to guide customers down the best path.

Learn more about Einstein Splits.

Distributed Marketing: Quick Send

Give advisors, owners, and partners the ability to quickly personalize and send a single, on-brand email to their customers and prospects directly from the individual’s record.

Learn more about Quick Send.

Email Studio: Customizable Content Editor

Customize the Content Builder user interface to display only the blocks you use. Also, use partner or custom content blocks from AppExchange, or leverage our new Content Block software developer kit.

Learn more about the customizable Content Builder editor.

Advertising Studio: Integration with LinkedIn

Make LinkedIn Advertising a part of the customer journey alongside your other channels by reaching specific segments of your customers and prospects with advertising on that platform.