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Learning Objectives

After completing this unit, you’ll be able to:

  • Explain how to transform your inbox with Financial Services Cloud.
  • Describe how to consolidate and customize your customer view with Person Accounts Support.
  • Explain how to access patient administration (ADT) messages in Health Cloud.

Support for Salesforce Inbox

With Salesforce Inbox, keep your CRM data up to date in real time, all the time, using powerful plug-ins for Gmail and Outlook. Turn your phone or tablet into a portable sales-productivity generator with the Inbox mobile app.

Learn more about support for Salesforce Inbox.

Support for Pardot

Achieve greater visibility into prospect data that can help you connect and close with Pardot. Access to marketing interactions—including multiple lead scores—right within Financial Services Cloud helps you identify your hottest leads. With Engage, enable sales to lead the conversation with a library of marketing-curated content they can deploy in just one click, while automatically logging all interactions in Pardot and Financial Services Cloud.

Learn more about support for Pardot.

Person Accounts Support

Unite customer data across any device or channel with fully customizable fields from the account and contact objects on the Financial Services Cloud client profile. Follow and share client records with single step actions, and empower administrators to manage duplicate records more easily.

Learn more about Person Accounts support.

Enhanced Household Relationship Views

Bankers and advisors can now be more productive with household-level opportunity rollups that enable visibility into any household member's opportunity from a single related list. And the Relationship Map and Group Builder can now be configured to hide sections and actions based on users' roles, simplifying the interface and providing additional privacy for customer data.

Learn more about enhanced household relationship views.

HL7 v2 Adapter

We're excited to introduce out-of-the-box EHR integration using HL7 v2.x standards. Now, Health Cloud can process and file data such as patient demographics, hospital admission/discharge/transfer (ADT), clinic appointments, and allergies. You can extend this capacity to handle any type of HL7 message that your integration engine can convert into JSON format.

Learn more about the HL7 v2 Adapter.

Health Cloud and Field Service Lightning Integration

Use Field Service Lightning to easily manage a mobile healthcare workforce. Field care providers can access patient data and interactively update goals and tasks in the patient’'s care plan from their mobile Android or iOS devices. Care organizations can easily manage and optimize the scheduling of field care providers. 

Learn more about the Field Service Lightning Integration for Health Cloud