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Learning Objectives

After completing this unit, you’ll be able to:

  • Describe how to create a visually stunning community experience with pre-built themes.
  • Explain how to empower partners to access co-branded content and campaigns with partner co-branding.
  • Use pinned posts to make sure the most important information is getting the right amount of attention.

Pre-Built Themes

With pre-built themes, you can create a visually stunning experience for visitors, using clicks, not code. To create your experience, you can start from a library of pre-built themes in Lightning Community Builder. Plus, you can take advantage of themes for your existing communities, as well. 

Learn more about pre-built themes.

Posts at Scale

It's never been easier for community managers to engage and care for their members. Rather than posting individual messages to each member, community managers can now craft a message once, and post broadly. With one click in the Engagement Queue, managers post the personalized message.

Learn more about posts at scale.

Pinned Posts

Now, you can make sure that the most important information gets the right amount of attention within your community. With pinned posts, you can pin up to three posts to each topic or group feed. Posts stay at the top of feed until an authorized user unpins them.

Learn more about pinned posts.

Community 360 Enhancements

With Community 360, agents can see what customers have been engaged in to deliver seamless service. The Summer '18 enhancements let agents see even more. Now, they can get a full view of customer interactions with assets, contracts, custom objects, orders, products, and tasks in the community.

Learn more about Community 360 enhancements.