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Learning Objectives

After completing this unit, you’ll be able to:

  • Explain how Einstein Search Recommendations personalizes typeahead search for every shopper.
  • Explain how to create sorting rules that optimize search results with Keyword Sorting Rules.
  • Describe how to improve business user efficiency for managing SEO rules.

Einstein Search Recommendations

Einstein Search Recommendations powers personalized typeahead search (or search-as-you-type) for each individual shopper, guiding them to the best search terms. Search Recommendations applies algorithms to commerce data to identify which search results are the most relevant to each shopper, so that retailers can be confident that shoppers are exploring their site on the quickest path to conversion.

Keyword Sorting Rules for Site Search

Optimize search results by giving merchants the ability to assign sorting rules to specific keywords. Merchants now have more control over the best sorting rules to use for top performing keywords in site search.

SEO Meta Tags

Commerce Cloud's new meta-tag rules allow merchants to define meta tags using a rule-based approach for several page types, like product catalogue pages, product detail pages, search result pages, and more. The rules allow merchants to create unique meta tag content and avoid duplicate or missing meta information on a page. This helps maximize their search engine ranking, improve organic traffic, and grow gross merchandise value. 

Extensible Markup Language (XML) Sitemaps

Maximize search engine ranking and increase traffic to your site with three enhancements to the Extensible Markup Language (XML) sitemap framework. Merchandisers and developers can now choose which SEO-friendly URLs they want to include in their XML sitemap. We’ve added sitemap attributes at the folder level, so you can control which folder URLs you include in the sitemap and submit to search engines.

Language Analyzer for Site Search

Language analyzers are an important feature for site search. A language analyzer understands the characteristics of a specific language (like apostrophes, French accents, Greek characters, and more), and increases the relevancy of search results. In this release, we added new filters to the language analyzer in Commerce Cloud to further increase the relevancy of site search results. We also added four new languages: Brazilian Portuguese, Sorani Kurdish, Irish, and Hindi.