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Learning Objectives

After completing this unit, you’ll be able to:

  • Explain how to apply filters on lists for teams, queues, and campaigns with list view filtering enhancements.
  • Describe how to save time with Enhanced Mass Quick Actions for most objects.
  • Personalize your navigation with new enhancements.

List View Filtering Enhancements

We've enhanced the way you can filter list views. Now you can filter them by team, queue, or campaign. For example, case managers can create list views scoped to queues so they can organize cases for their reps. Marketers, on the other hand, can create list views scoped to campaigns so they can get results on the latest holiday push. Enhanced list view filtering gives you more ways to sift your data, quickly. 

Learn more about list view filtering enhancements.

Mass Quick Actions Enhancements

In the Summer '18 release, we made significant improvements to Mass Quick Actions. In addition to updating records, Mass Quick Actions now lets users edit or add child records like tasks or comments for up to 100 records in a list view across most objects in Lightning Experience. For example, now you can add activities to multiple contacts at the same time, add the same comment to five cases, or create a new case for 10 accounts. Not only is this a huge time saver for business users, but managers will love this because updating data and keeping data clean have never been easier.

Learn more about Mass Quick Action enhancements.

Personalized Navigation Enhancements

We also made significant enhancements to Personalized Navigation. End users can now easily add items to the navigation bar using a new UI. Users can also drag and drop navigation bar tabs directly, making re-ordering a breeze. And admins can now enable or disable Personalized Navigation by app, giving them greater flexibility and control.

Learn more about Personalized Navigation enhancements.

Custom Themes and Branding Enhancements

We’ve enhanced the capabilities for creating and editing themes based on your feedback. Now, when uploading images, it's easy to crop the image as needed—you no longer need to upload an exact image resolution. We've also made it possible for you to override calculated colors, so your themes can reflect the exact colors of your brand. 

Learn more about custom themes and branding enhancements.

Lightning Experience Stylesheets for Visualforce

Lightning Stylesheets is now generally available for Visualforce pages. Now, developers can control whether a page is styled with the look of Lightning Experience when viewed in Lightning Experience or the Salesforce app by using the lightningStylesheets attribute. Previously, restyling a page for Lightning Experience involved searching the Salesforce Lightning Design System reference site for matching components. The new lightningStylesheets attribute gives unstyled Visualforce pages the Lightning Experience look, automatically. 

Learn more about Lightning Experience Stylesheets for Visualforce.

New and Improved Lightning Components

In the Summer '18 release, new and improved Lightning Components help developers accelerate app development. We're really excited about recordForm. With recordForm, you can simply write one line of markup and build a record form, layout, or page in seconds. We've also made improvements to existing base Lightning Components, including inline edit and booleans in dataTable, images in inputRichText, and custom SVG icons. 

Learn more about new and improved Lightning Components.